8 Ways to Lose Baby Weight

Millions of Americans will commit to losing weight in the New Year.

But some of those women might be more incented – those who want to lose their baby weight!

Being a new mom has its challenges, but losing weight shouldn’t be a chore on your list. Look for fun new ways to get into the exercise groove. To help you find new inspiration (if keeping up with your little bundle of joy isn’t reason enough) here are the 8 fitness trends for ’09 from the American Council on Exercise’s (ACE).

Boot Camp If you need a swift kick to get into gear, Boot Camp could be the right program for you. Most programs focus both on cardiovascular endurance as well as low- and high-intensity exercises to build muscle and fight off fat. Boot camps also introduce you to like-minded people who want the support of others pushing themselves to their limits and an instructor who can motivate them to do so.

Budget-friendly Workouts The troubled economy will force people to discontinue their gym memberships and working with personal trainers, according to ACE surveys. And that means innovators will be looking for creative ways to workout in their natural environs. Check you local parks to see if they have circuit training equipment like chin up bars, sit-up slants and more. Or check community bulletin boards for local mommy-and-me programs.

Specialty Classes So you think you can dance? Reality TV dance shows have inspired a new trend in fitness – specialty dance, fitness classes. Borrowing from Latin dance, Bollywood, and ballroom traditions, these classes keep your heart rate up and stress level down.

Back to Basics If you are fortunate enough to work with a trainer, you might find them reverting to old standbys instead of newer machines.

Circuit Training Studies have shown that you get more bang for your workout buck with interval training – interspersing cardio bursts with strength training at different intensities, according to ACE.

Kettle balls This workout demands full-body participation. Lifting and controlling a kettle ball through a series of exercises makes you engage your core as well other stability muscles. Another bonus? The strength you gain will make your new baby feel feather-light – no matter how long you’re holding her.

Technology-based Fitness IPod and Nike raised the game with a hands-free system to play tunes and record your workout.And Wii Fit set the stage for fitness-based video games. Look for more and more options for exercising with a tech-based partner. Though experts haven’t measured the effectiveness of these more multi-media fitness experiences, you’re sure to see more of them in the year to come.

Event of Sport-specific Exercises Remember the sports you loved playing as a kid? Well you can still participate in them to lose weight, meet people and blow off some steam. You can join sports leagues at local gyms and community centers. A benefit to this approach? The focus is on the fun and competition, not the repetitive chore of exercising.