’90s Kids Rejoice! Corey and Topanga Are Back for Girl Meets World!

For children who grew up in the '90s with Friday night mainstays like “Family Matters” and “Full House,” get ready to relive the glory days of TGIF.

Producers recently announced that “Boy Meets World” would return to the air on the Disney channel with a sequel series, but details surrounding cast members were left untouched. However, it has been confirmed that the show's two biggest stars – Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel – are reprising their roles as Corey and Topanga! During the years that have passed since the series finale, the high school sweethearts have since grown up, and had two children – a daughter named Riley and a son named Elliot.

The sequel, “Girl Meets World,” will pick up featuring Corey as a high school history teacher, no doubt teaching his 13 year old daughter in the same vein as his former mentor, Mr. Feeney. “I'm going to be a father! Well, on TV at least. The “Boy Meets World” sequel is officially happening!” Tweeted Savage, sharing his excitement over the news.

'90s nostalgia is back in full swing!