A Bright Sight: Neon Decor


We recently rounded up someradiating looks that had us believing in the very fashionable neon bible, but now we're seeing crazy brights amid home decor and design as well. How exciting! You don't have to be hosting a rave or a highlighter party to add these accents either, just let your inner glow girl shine! Neon can be styled to look surprisingly sophisticated, grown up, and chic, whilst still maintaining a fun and fresh look. Do a pop of color with a bright pillow on a tan couch, or use the style to brighten up an entire room. This green neon tub has claw feet for an 80s retro means Victorian class kind of meeting. We're obsessed. For tons more inspiration, check out the Decoist's top neon picks from furniture to flower pots here.

image via The Decoist