A Day in the Life: I Was an American Express Premium Card Holder

American Express allowed Glam.com to tag along with their premium cardholders for day of fashion shows, q+as, lunch at the Hearst Tower and shopping. Basically, it was a dream day.
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Though Fashion Week is mostly restricted to fashion editors, bloggers, and influencers, American Express makes it possible for select cardmembers to experience the glitz and the glamour of the very stylish world through their Premium Access program. In partnership with their Best in Class program, American Express allowed Glam.com to tag along with their premium cardholders for day of fashion shows, Q&As, lunch at the Hearst Tower and shopping. Basically, it was a dream day.

8:00 am:

After hitting snooze on all three of the alarms I set for the last time during this season's Fashion Week, I get out of bed and start getting dressed for the day. I need to be out of the door by 9:30 so I'm not late arriving at Lincoln Center.

10:00 am:

Heading out of the hotel--I can't move into my apartment just yet--to take the train to D train to Lincoln center. The train moves faster for me than a taxi does. I can't deal with sitting in idle traffic. I'm starving because I took too long of shower and didn't have time to eat.

10:29 am:

Made it to Lincoln Center in time (phew!) and stand in line for the cool new electronic coat check AMEX offered this season before heading over to check in with the American Express concierge to be escorted up to the skybox. I make it just in time to catch a bit of the Nanette Leopore show. Michael Kors, too. Instead of just doing a quick bow after his show, he actually walks the whole runway. He's so cute.

10:33 am:

Inside the American Express Skybox waiting for the Q&A with Harper's Bazaar's Editor-in-Chief Glenda Bailey to start. In the meantime, I chatted up Melanie Backs American Express Public Affairs Manager. "We do several premium access events for our cardholders. Fashion Week is one of the largest ones and really we looking at our platinum card members and giving them an experience that they wouldn't be able to have without their American Express card," she told me.

10:40 am:

Bailey arrives for her Q&A with the cardholders, looking great in her emerald green. When speaking about trends for spring, she compliments me on my leopard silk shift dress. (Thanks, Macy's!)

11: 15 am:

Bailey takes her last question and starts posing for pictures with cardholders. A few of the ladies ask her to sign their copy of Harper's Bazaar and I wish I would have thought to ask that. As I wait to head to the Hearst Tower for lunch, I speak with Ashish Patel, owner of Niva Gift Shop Inc. at The St. Regis. He and his wife who brought their 10-year-old twin daughters--Ankita and Anushka--to a show the day before. Each member of the family is loving the experience the Skybox creates. "I'm so grateful that American Express puts these packages together or else my life would be so much harder. They do such a good just at just making such rare things available to people like me. And, I appreciate it."

12:00 pm:

Everyone is chauffeured to the Hearst Towers where lunch awaits us on the 44th floor with Avril Graham, Harper's Bazaar Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor. We learn the history of the magazine, get to flip through the archives. I'm seated at the table with Megan Reynolds, the merchandising editor for the magazine who is hard at work curating pieces to put on to Shop Bazaaar every month.

2:30 pm:

After a wonderful lunch with great with Harper's Bazaar, we are again chauffeured, but this time to Nicole Miller,where the designer will present a few looks from her latest collection. There is an option to shop, but I show self-control. I have rent to think about now, after all.

3:00 pm:

The presentation ends and I introduce myself to Nicole, explain that I am new to New York and ask her and Megan (she came, too) what key pieces I need for a great city wardrobe.

3:30 pm

Fashion advice in mind, I head back to Lincoln Center with Yvonne, a cardholder, who is a buyer for a store on Long Island. Her boss sent her to enjoy today's activities - talk about a great day at work. We look for a charging center with empty outlets to juice up our phones. I begin to prepare for my interview with Lottie Oakley, American Express Fashion Ambassador.

5:30 pm:

I begin my interview with Lottie feeling super nervous, since she's done such a good job interviewing all of the guests in the Skybox throughout the week and I want to do well. She's really open and a pleasure to talk to (she shared such a touching story about Anna Wintour). The interview goes well; cue my sigh of relief.

7:15 pm:

I'm not sure I'll be back in Lincoln Center tomorrow so I go say my goodbyes to the American Express Concierge and coat check people. Everyone was so helpful and kind to me while I was reporting from the Skybox, I want to make sure they know how much it meant to me.

7:30 pm:

Head out of Lincoln Center and toward the D train back to the hotel. I don't even change out of my heels. Today has been magical. Something I never, ever, would have imagined for myself even three weeks ago.

8:00 pm:

With Chinese food next to me, I kick off the heels--finally-- and crack open my MacBook on the hotel bed. It's time to somehow put everything I saw today into words. Thank you, American Express for treating me like a premium cardholder.