A Day in the Life: Morgan Schick

Glam caught up with Morgan Schick Partner at Jupiter Olympus by day and bartender extraordinaire by night, to see what a walk in a cocktail developer's shoes would look like.

10:00 AM I pop out of bed to grab my standard cup of coffee, and get online to check out what has gone on in the world.

11:00 AM After being caught up with the news and local happenings, I work through all the odd petting zoo updates and fair supply emails I have accumulated. While working on a fair themed event, I subscribe to any and every mailing list related that might help give me inspiration.

11:30 AM I head over to my business partner, Eric Quilte's house to work on our newest concoction: vegetable liquor. A lot of times we come up with ridiculous ideas, but inevitably they always turn out great. For example we have created fennel, radish, corn and kale liquors that are all delicious and will be showcased at the California Altered State Fair, a San Francisco Cocktail Week event on Saturday September 22, 2012.

1:30 PM My business partner and I continue working, but switch gears to our consulting business, Jupiter Olympus. At Jupiter Olympus we specialize in bar programs and beverage consulting. This can be anything from redeveloping cocktail menus to product development. We really spend a lot of our time researching and getting ideas for new drinks.

3:00 PM This is about the time I head out to grab lunch. I like to go to this great sandwich shop in Oakland

3:30 PM I head out to San Francisco to start my bar tending job at the Rio Grande where I work until closing at 2:00 AM

Morgan Schick and Eric Quilte, the men behind Jupiter Olympus