A Day in the Life of Amy Strozzi, Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Amy Strozzi isn't your average makeup artist -- for her, it's all about balance. When she's not on the set of So You Think You Can Dance with CatDeeley, she's usually seen touching up Taryn Manning or Sophie Turner for their next appearances. Not to mention her blog, The Beauty Manifesto, is updated regularly with her current makeup musts and inspiring beauty icons. But for TV's biggest night, The Emmys, Glam caught up with Strozzi as she races to only feed her cat but do up Deeley and prep another star for her turn on the red carpet.

6:49 AM

Charles, my adorable weird eared rescue cat (@Charles_le_cat on Instagram) decides he’s hungry and wakes me up before my alarm is set to go off. Thanks Charles. Feed Charles, go back to sleep.

7:35 AM

Officially time to wake up, I do the same thing every morning upon waking…lay in bed for 10 minutes, check my email, check the weather, check my Instagram, read anything important on Twitter.

8:06 AM

I grab a cup of coffee and hang with Charles while I put my brushes away that had been drying overnight. JM (my boyfriend) wakes up now and the house is suddenly rowdy and in full swing.

9:22 AM

I’m trying to figure out what to wear; it’s hot today, I need to be comfortable yet appropriate but also look good in pictures since I know there will be some taken. I keep it simple, dark jeans and a white button down, JM is blaring “I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt” in the other room while I’m going through this process.

10:30 AM

Throw on some Clinique sunscreen (SPF 50 always) and head to Beverly Hills to my client’s house. I always give myself extra time because being late makes me nervous.

10:45 AM

On the drive I call my superwoman agent Kelly Tomlinson and review everything needed for the day, the jobs done over the weekend and my schedule coming up in the next week. Kelly is a badass and keeps me busy and organized.

11:45 AM

I arrive at my clients where we gather in the kitchen to discuss “the look.” Cat Deeley wants an eye that compliments the dusty pinks of her dress but still feels strong. I show her the palettes from Clinique that I was hoping to use; she loves them.

12:00 PM

We get started with the glam process. I have been working with Cat for 7 years now (what?!) and it is still always a pleasure. Her house has the best vibe, so chill and welcoming. We get her ready in her “yoga room,” it has such great natural light.

12:30 PM

The champagne is poured. Friends, guests, fellow nominees from SYTYCD all filter in and out.

1:45 PM

Uh oh, we’re still not done and she’s supposed to leave at 2! Luckily, her manager has assured us we are good until 2:15. Phew.

2:00 PM

Cat gets in her dress, we ooohh and aaaahhh at how beautiful she looks then all descend upon her at once for final touch ups.

2:15 PM

My client is in her car and on her way while I am in my car sending BTS pics to my agent to get to the proper press channels before Cat even arrives at the event. It amazes me how fast this all works!

3:00 PM

Home to do my product breakdown for the day to send off to Kelly asap. Post all pertinent social media. Review final breakdowns, approve, and submit.

4:30 PM

Wash brushes to prepare for client number two.

6:30-8:30 PM

Work with new client, which is always slightly nerve racking the first time. She is lovely, the Emmys are on in the background, all goes well.