A Day in the Life of Beauty: CND’s Jan Arnold

Glam caught up with CND co-founder Jan Arnold as she preps all of the amazing innovations she has on deck for 2013. Here, Arnold shares her daily routine and gives us a sneak peek at what we might see next year.

6:00 AM: I wake up to another gorgeous 70 degree day in Del Mar, California, and am inspired to go directly to my Jura espresso maker to begin the day with a rich and potent coffee. My subconscious concludes a nice night’s work by elevating the best points to true consciousness for the day’s action plan.

7 :00 AM: As the delicious, dark, strongly caffeinated hot liquid begins to awaken every limb; I begin to click into creative gear. Helping the process is plain vanilla yogurt and blueberries plus a handful of antioxidants and supplements, including 4,000 mgs. of fish oil, DHEA and a multi-vitamin… all smart foods that will, hopefully, make it… well… a smart day.

7:30 AM: A thorough regimen of the Sonicare with Optic Bright Colgate followed by the hard and soft brush, total care rinse and deep floss give my teeth a squeaky clean feel that would make my dentist dad proud! (He was also the chemist who formulated CND’s first product over 30 years ago! The idea came about when he was fitting a crown on a patient who said how similar the compound was to products used in her nail salon.)

8:00 AM: While determining the dress for the day, my considerations are dependent on mood, creativity levels, weather, and, most importantly, my nails, which are the central accessory. This week’s choice is a galactic night sky of Asphalt CND Shellac with Cerulean Blue Pigment brushed over the moon, Black Pigment brushed across the middle and a scattering of tiny sterling bits over the entire nail. All is sealed with the CND Shellac Top Coat, which means I’m good to go with high shine perfection… need to mention how happy this makes me feel! Then, I hop into the car and jet over to CND headquarters in neighboring Vista, California.

9:00 AM: I arrive at the office and join the marketing, education, and sales teams in our conference room. We discuss the upcoming trip to Miami for what we call “Shellac and the City”—an initiative to train and certify local salons to use CND Shellac. Check out our online locator to find a certified salon near you!

11:00 AM: I down my second 8 oz. bottle of water as I head down to our research and development lab to chat with some of the department heads about the latest CND innovations for 2013. This lab is where the magic happens and I can’t wait to share some of the news in coming months! Between my meetings, I order a light Sushi lunch to give me energy on the go. I love yellowtail sashimi and a handful of salty edamame.

1:00 PM: Back at my desk for my board member call with Beauty Changes Lives, an organization raising awareness of how careers in the beauty and wellness industry transform lives both personally and professionally. I am so proud of my mentee Cheyanne Birchall and her contributions to CND over the last few months!

2:00 PM: Our Director of Communications, Elyce DeBrown, stops by to show me her nails, which have been done with Grapefruit Sparkle from our Spring/Summer 2013 CND Shellac line.they look fabulous and so perfect with her pale pink skin and LBD.

3:00 PM: It’s now mid-afternoon and I am with a group of CND Education Ambassadors discussing ideas for Fall 2013 Fashion Week. Although several months away, we must start now in order to make a big impact. We will be celebrating our 30the runway season!

7:00 PM: Just enough time to pop home for my daily three mile run on the treadmill before my husband and I grab a quick bite and dash to our local theatre to see a show. Can’t wait!