A Day in the Life of Beauty: Jen Atkin, Stylist for Clear Scalp & Hair

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Glam checked in with celebrity stylist Jen Atkinas she makes time for quick cardio and cocktails while spreading the word about Clear Scalp & Hair, one blowout at a time. Here, she shares her whirlwind schedule:

6:00 AM

Glam never sleeps! I start my day by waking up at the Trump Soho and taking a shot of my BRAGGS Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s my obsession and I swear by it! Then it’s straight to emails.


Dash off to FLYBARRE-Quick Cardio is a must!


Racing back to the Trump Soho. Power Shower! I can’t live without my Dr. Taheri skincare regimen. I’m a big fan of Skinceuticals b5 complex as well. I’m always using Clear Scalp & Hair Volumizing Root Boost for my hair! A two second rough dry with my Harry Josh blow-dryer. Call an Uber to head out to work with a Liquiteria juice in hand.


Uber drops me off at the Royalton Hotel. This week is blowouts for all the beauty editors to teach them about CLEAR hair care! Ladies have to know what it takes to have long resilient, beautiful hair! So many people don’t know that to get hair health it all starts at the scalp. That’s why CLEAR is such a great brand to use!


Break time! I always sneak in a Dr. Lipman shake. Sometimes I’m so busy it is all I have time for and it’s a great way to stay healthy and keep my energy up! I have my assistant Gabby sneak in a little TLC for my hair and give me that classic “done undone look.”


Selfie time!! I’m jumping in with one of the editors and taking a pic in the Auto Mono Media Photo booth CLEAR has set up for us! Lots of laughs and some great outtakes!


Wrap up my day at the event. Time to head back to Trump Soho for a meeting at Koi. In the car I’m downing one more Dr. Lipman shake.


Running to Bar Pitti to meet up with my girlfriends for some catch up time.


Off to bed at Trump Soho to get a bit of rest before I go in for 4 more days of beauty editor blowouts. I guess I’ll make time for a couple of 30 Rock episodes too.