A Day in The Life of Beauty: Katie Hughes

Glam checked in with Butter LONDON’s Colour Ambassador, Katie Hughes, as she gears up for Erin Fetherston and Kaelen's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentations. Here, she shares her schedule as she battles to keep her coffee cup full, explores Williamsburg, and colors the fashion world, one nail at a time.

5:15 AM: Off went my alarm. I peeled my very red eyes open, hopped out of bed to a still dark New York City to get ready for the Erin Fetherston look book shoot.

6:15 AM: Jump in the cab to work' with my BFF, aka coffee, the cabby said no coffee in my car. Desperate not to part with it, I said I'll pour most of it out, and he says OK!

6:50 AM: I arrive in Williamsburg and see a lot of cool disheveled buildings. As I search for door numbers, I see a guy asleep on a doorstep. It throws me so I keep walking and miss where I should be going.

7:00 AM: Meet the crew and two of them are Brits, the model Camilla and the photographer Francis, who’s got such a cool look, like a model and stylist in one!

7:30 AM: Sit down to start working on the models. The look is young, fun, and trendy!

8:30 AM: After working on the models, I go on the hunt for more coffee and some
Aspirin as I have a killer headache! I asked the guy at studio for some paracetamol and he looked at me like I had two heads, so I change my request to, “Errr just some ib-rup-o-phen.” We say it rather different in the UK. Actually the more I’m here and I'm asked to repeat certain words, the weirder they sound to me, too.

10:00 AM: The emails start rolling in. Fashion Week is starting to come together with nail mood boards I need to create for the shows’ nail tests.

10:30 AM: The shoot is going great. Meanwhile, I’m spending my money just looking at Erin's collection. Fellow crewmembers are playing with some of the new butter LONDON shades coming out later in the year! I have a feeling one of them is going to be huge!

11:00 AM: Emailing back and forth from the UK for a Fashion’s Night Out event that my team is working on the 6th. Oh to be able to be in two places at once!

12:00 PM: Lunch has arrived – I ordered salad since I have a photo shoot in the morning to get new head shots taken for butter LONDON, still can’t decide what colour lacquer to wear.

3:00 PM: Get picked up by a town car to go to my next meeting – Kaelen’s nail test, and it sounds like a very creative nail look. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

3:15 PM: Arrive back in Manhattan with lots of time to spare as the meeting isn't until 4:00 PM. Perfect time to look at the gorgeous shops in SoHo. Ricky's is awesome!

4:00 PM: I head up to Kaelen’s studio where I was greeted by a very lovely woman, Kaelen herself. She has these awesome pink glasses and as a glasses wearer myself, I love a good frame! We sat down and I did her nails in the design she had in mind. It was a lovely, calm time (a rare thing at Fashion Week).

5:15 PM: 5 nail trials later, we pick a look that’s really cool and textured and matte. The matte gives a serious texture clash – I love it!

6:00 PM: I arrive back at my hotel feeling proud that I managed to find my way around the subway. As I walk back to my hotel, I see a little iPhone case stand and bargain with the guy for a deal. I get two fun iPhone cases for 20 bucks! Bargain!

7:00 PM: I have been back at hotel for about 30 minutes, and I head down to the restaurant for a light dinner, keeping in mind my photo shoot tomorrow. I sit at a table and notice a girl I met here last time, she works at my hotel. We gave her a nail lacquer the last time we were here, and she was wearing it. So happy to see when people love the products!

7:30 PM: My food arrives, and it is a small dish of chicken salad with tamarind dressing and cashew nuts. It is so delish! Also I have a cheeky glass of rosé. As I eat, I email back and forth about London and NYC Fashion Week plans with the lovely ladies who take a lot of the drama out of my day. They’re awesome. I'm the lamest at being organized, couldn’t do all this without them.

8:30 PM: I go across to CVS – American drugstores are so much better than UK ones. You can get EVERYTHING, not to mention all the fun makeup and beauty stuff to look at. I buy some Sally Hansen leg makeup for my shoot tomorrow. It's skin perfecting – genius! Also, I buy Heath bars, it's hard to eat well while traveling so I stock up on coconut and almond – breakfast on the go!

9:00 PM: I decide to attack the 8 boxes of nail lacquer in my room as I need to organize some shades for a nail art wheel for Fashion’s Night Out in London and also take one of each shade to take to a nail test tomorrow.

9:30 PM: My bed is invisible due to nail lacquer (no joke) so I choose some shades for the Fashion’s Night Out nails wheel. I’m not going to be there as I'm in NYC but my team will go on behalf of me. I start painting the nail wheel with very heavy eyes and wonder how much longer they will stay open… jet lag is a pain!

10:30 PM: I'm almost done with the nail wheel. It consists of some of our awesome shades, including Union Jack Black (perfect Fashion’s Night Out colour), Come to Bed Red, Toff, Mugging, and more. The nail art includes leopard print, tuxedo nail, ombré polka dots and florals.

11:30 PM: I decide I can't stay awake anymore as my body clock it's about 4.30am – ugh red eyes! I fall asleep fast and wake in the morning to get ready for headshot photo shoot. Excited yet intrigued to see what’s in store for me today.