A Day in the Life of Beauty: Linda Rodin

Glam caught up with RODIN olio lusso founder Linda Rodin who is in the midst of prepping the release of her first scent, debuting in May, to get the scoop on her schedule. Here, Rodin shares her daily routine:

Well, the honest truth is that I revolve my days around sleep. I know this sounds strange and regimented, but I need at least 9 hours of daily rest to feel well and alive and productive and happy. Sleep is definitely my secret weapon. Without enough, I am just useless.

So, if I am not working on a photo shoot, with an 8am call time to be in the studio or on location, I usually sleep until 10:00AM. My nightly dates with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert keep me up until midnight—unless I need to be at a job early the next day. Then I stand them up!

I wake at 10:00 AM. My beauty regime is really simple: I wet my face with warm water, and leave it moist. Then I apply 2-3 drops of RODIN olio lusso all over, and a bit of SPF 50 sunblock. I quickly get dressed, then I apply my lipstick and I'm out the door to take Winky, my silver miniature poodle, out for a 15-minute walk. On most days, I then go to Le Pain Quotidien in my neighborhood for my ritualistic cappuccino. More often than not, I meet Dr. David Colbert and his brother Mark there. We talk about business – Dr. Colbert and I both have skincare lines – he is my dermatologist, and I swear by his triad facials. So he, Mark, and I always spend at least an hour there. Never a dull moment. We talk about everything from skincare to films to books to our favorite waitress to our dogs. It’s the highlight of my day.

Then I will go to my office, which we just opened, and go over what's going on any particular moment with RODIN olio lusso – new orders, new clients, day-to-day operations. There’s always a lot going on with us. We are launching a perfume in May, made for me by D.S. & Durga—a unique and sophisticated scent, as well a wonderful summer 'travel pack’ containing samples of our line.

My publicists, Madeleine and Meredith, of PROJECT MM, frequently have a lunch meeting planned for upcoming magazine stories and press things we need to take care of. I enjoy this part of my business a lot, because they introduce me to everyone and I love discussing the line. It’s my creative “baby” and I take great pride in sharing it with others.

I work as a stylist and when I'm prepping and shopping for photo shoots, I go everywhere in Manhattan, as well as online. Sometimes my business crosses over to the styling part. I can be at John Derian, A Detacher or Barneys and get to work on two things at once: check out my line, and find great items for a job I'm currently working on – a great top, or an amazing piece of jewelry. This crossover is always a godsend – both of my worlds colliding in the best possible way.

By around 5:00 PM I am always home. Luckily I have a wonderful dog walker, so my dog is taken care of if I can't be home. At 5:00, I try and recap the day's email – there are at least 50 of them – which I briefly read on my BlackBerry during the day, but then I need another hour to properly read and reply to them. It’s a daily project, kind of like old-fashioned homework. You don't love doing it, but you must…

I am not too social after my workday. I’ve never really been a party girl and I love being home most of all. I eat at home most nights, unless I make a very early dinner date with friends. 6:00 PM is the latest. I don't 'cook' really, but I always make a fresh salad with avocado, tomatoes, fresh fish, and a good piece of bread. I douse it all with the most wonderful Italian olive oil from Di Paolo's in Little Italy. I'm very healthy and selective in what I eat but also very boring. I rarely vary my menu. A glass of white wine – twist top Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand – and a piece of chocolate for dessert.

The rest of my evening is quiet. I read the Times and watch a good old TCM film. I love the 1930s and '40s dramas in black and white or the 1960s color film – I get lost in all of them. Then a nice warm bath and off to sleep, lots of sleep.