A Day in the Life of Beauty: Mark Celebrity Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles

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Glam caught up with Mark Celebrity Makeup Artist, Fiona Stiles, as she preps long-time client, Nikki Reed, for a photo shoot in LA and makes time to play and sing with her baby girl. Here she shares her daily schedule:


Wake up, make a delicious cup of english breakfast tea and hop in the shower. I get up about an hour before the baby so I can have extra time with her in the morning before I have to leave for work. It makes all of the difference in my mood for the day if I get in some good play time and giggles before I leave for the day. Before she wakes up I tackle emails, makeup research, blog posts, preschool research…all kinds of things. There truly just aren't enough hours in the day.


Go into the baby's room. Sing songs, read books, play with her wooden animals with her and my husband until it's time for breakfast.


Breakfast with the family. Sometimes you just don't know if there's going to be catering on a job, so I always eat before I leave the house. If there's food when I get there, bonus! Second breakfast!


Arrive at the studio or location. (This time varies dramatically depending on the job but I'm doing an average day here!) I head to the hair and makeup area and start to set up. I am very particular about how my area is set up and where all of my makeup bits and bobs go, so even if I have an assistant I prefer to set up myself. There are so many little things for makeup: pencil sharpeners, lash curlers, skin care, liners, tweezers etc, that having it set up the same way every time means I’m not frantically visually searching for things, I just know where everything is; this is very important to me! When I'm all set up, I go hunt down cup of tea or hot water and wait of the talent to arrive. On average I arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of the talent to set up and get settled in so we're ready to go when she gets there. I also spend time chatting with the stylist to see what the clothing is going to be. This helps you decide if it's going to be a bold lip, a strong eye, or just soft pretty makeup. The clothing leads the way for the hair and makeup.


The actress [Nikki Reed] arrives, we chit chat, talk about the look and get started. One of the biggest differences with getting an actress ready versus a model is that you do hair and makeup at the same time with an actress. With models, you do hair, then makeup, each person getting as much time as they need to do the job. Because there are usually time constraints with actresses, we work together to get her done quickly. This can sometimes be a bit tricky when you're doing eye makeup and her hair is being tugged by a hair brush, but we always make it work, and I haven't poked a client in the eye yet (knock wood!).


Somewhere around this time we break for lunch.


Since we're doing an average day, I'm going to say we end at an average time, but the truth is that there is no such thing as an average time that a shoot ends. It depends on budget, location, sunset time, the actress’ schedule, the amount of shots we have to do, etc. We're done when we're done, that's how it works!


Race out the door to beat traffic and try to get home to play with my daughter for as long as possible before bedtime.


I live in Venice Beach so it usually takes me about an hour to get home. I race in the door, kick off my shoes and plop on the floor to play until it's time to put the baby to bed.


Wash my brushes and restock my kit. It's amazing how many things you go through: Lashes, foundations, wipes, q-tips, the works. There's always something that needs attention in my kit and I have to stay on top of it. The one thing you're out of is for sure the very thing you'll need the next day.


Have dinner with my husband an catch up on Game of Thrones or Mad Men or whatever show is on at the moment. When I can sneak off, I pour over magazines to stay on top of things. When I have a bit more free time, I do research online doing Google searches for makeup looks.


Pass out. I used to be such a night owl, but when you have a baby there's no such thing as sleeping in…so early to bed, early to rise!