A Day in the Life of Beauty: New York Dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman

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Glam caught up with New York Dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, as she screens patients for skin cancer, injects others with Botox and follows her own trade secrets to a healthy life. Here she shares her daily schedule:


I wake up early and take my vitamins that sit by my bedside. I take 2,000 mgs of Vitamin D (Rule 15 from my book, Skin Rules: Vitamin D is good, but not when it comes from the sun). I also squeeze a lemon and put it into a bottle of Evian with a small amount of sweetener, which I bring with me on my walk. I eat a Kind bar (Madagascar Vanilla Almond); it has seven grams of protein and only four grams of sugar so it's very filling and tastes great. I wash my face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser and then apply Neova DNA Damage Control Everyday SPF 44. I take out my Havanese dog, Truffles and we walk three miles. On the way home, I stop for a steamed skim milk with a splash of hazelnut coffee topped with cinnamon.


After my shower, I reapply sunscreen and use Latisse to my lashes (Rule 12: Ditch the fake lashes and grow real ones instead). Once I blow-dry my hair, I use my new Solia flat iron—it’s a dream! It’s been a long winter so I finally got to wear one my new spring Chanel dresses.


My first stop of the day is skin cancer screenings for a magazine. I explain the importance of wearing SPF 30 every day (broad spectrum) to the employees and also find some abnormal moles that are potentially cancerous. For lunch, I visit the cafeteria and choose a chicken salad sans dressing with Evian water. I top it off by splurging on two small pieces of chocolate (Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel). I know dark chocolate is healthier but I have a sweet tooth!


After the magazine skin screening finishes at 1:30 p.m., I start seeing patients in my own practice. In between sessions, I drink plenty of green tea iced to keep me refreshed (Rule 75: Drink lots of green tea because we know that it aids weight loss by boosting metabolism) and snack on a Siggi's Icelandic Peach Yogurt. I end up injecting some patients with filler, some with Botox. I also perform surgery on a patient with an early malignant melanoma. Another life saved! One patient had Coolsculpting to freeze fat on her inner thighs. A very busy day!


I finish my last patient and go to the gourmet store to buy line-caught salmon (love those omega oils). I also pick up tomatoes rich in lycopenes, macadamia nut oil for my salad dressing because it’s a monosaturated fat and high in omega-3/omega-6 fats, and organic baby carrots which are high in beta-carotene vitamin A.


I bake the salmon in the oven as my main course. For side dishes, I make quinoa (high in protein) and a salad of arugula with tomatoes and spinach. I need my anti-oxidants, so I keep dessert simple and healthy by choosing blueberries and mangoes. According to Rule 76 in my book, I always recommend eating right by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables (go organic whenever possible). There’s a lot of research that shows if you eat a lot of junk or high-sugar/high-glycemic food, you are more prone to acne or premature wrinkles. Dinner and dessert are a hit with my boyfriend and my daughter, and I even have Truffles by my side begging for scraps.


I wind down at this point and start my evening skin care routine. I wash my face and apply RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream (Rule 50: Anti-aging creams and serums aren't just hype). Did you know that RoC pioneered retinol 25 years ago? The Night Cream is one of the top products I recommend to my patients who are interested in effective retinol solutions. Once that’s over, it’s time to catch up on reading and be in bed early for my eight hours of beauty rest (Rule 77: Beauty sleep is no myth. Try to sleep on your back or if you sleep on your side, use a satin pillow case or a beauty pillow to avoid getting sleep lines)