A Day in the Life of Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano’s immaculate confections have garnered a fan base that has only grown exponentially since his days on Project Runway thanks to his sheer talent for fashion design. Glam caught up with Siriano as he put the finishing touches on his Spring 2013 collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to get the scoop on his schedule.

8:30 AM: Try and get out of bed on time because last night I was up late emailing everyone back from yesterday.
9:30 AM: Feed the puppies and give them some playtime.
10:15 AM: Arrive to my office and about 100 models are standing in the hallway waiting to cast for the spring show. I try to check email but I can't focus with all the pretty faces around me. My boyfriend, Brad Walsh, is filming the castings for one of the behind-the-scenes videos we are making about fashion week.
12:00 PM: The sample room comes out with one of the last show pieces, finished and ready for the runway. It's so beautiful; I'm getting really excited for the show now!
12:30 PM: Cupcake delivery from one of my favorite friends and clients, Corri McFadden. We all love her in the office!
1:30 PM: Lunch with the team, and we have a birthday in the house. I try and eat, but there are still models flowing in until around 2:30.
2:30 PM: The casting is over for today! My casting director and I have seen about 250 models and tomorrow we will see that many more. Now it’s time to chat with the pattern maker to make sure our custom dress for the Emmy's is almost complete.
3:00 PM: One of my favorite models, Anna Schilling, has arrived to pick up her new fuchsia leather jacket and try on some looks for me and my stylists to review before we start fittings next week. Anna tries on about 20 different looks and a few pairs of shoes. Of course, she is beautiful in almost everything so it will be hard to choose what she will wear in the show. My stylist Danielle gives her opinions of what she likes, loves, and doesn't want to see in the show. I take her opinions seriously but also think about what my customer is going to want to wear this season. We go through as many looks as possible but still some will need to be decided on after we see all the girls during fittings. Anna picks out something to wear for my store launch party, which is coming up Sept 5th.

4:45 PM: The casting team has left; we already have some of my favorite girls confirmed and waiting for the rest of our options to come in. Danielle and I are at a great stopping place so I'm able to get back to finishing final looks for the collection with my design team.
6:00 PM: Chat with my agent about a few show sponsors and what we need to do to keep that organized on show day.
6:30 PM: The sewing team is busy working on the collection and the office team is preparing all the fall orders that are going out to retailers tomorrow. The fall collection has already hit some stores and the rest will follow in the next few weeks.
7:45 PM: The girls in the office raid the overstock. Everyone is looking for something exciting to wear to our new Nolita store launch, Fashion's Night Out and, of course, the after party, which everyone is always excited for after all the hard work is complete.
8:30 PM: Dinner and relaxing time at home with the puppies.
9:45 PM: Catching up on emails and listening to prospective show music and finish planning the store launch party guest list.
10:30 PM: Late-night texting with an important private client to make sure her clothes are ready for her event coming this fall.