A Day In the Life of Dennis Basso

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Dennis Basso, who showed his Fall 2013 collection today, caught up with us before Fashion Week to share her daily routine. Here's how the designer prepped for his show:

7:00 AM

I like to think I wake up at 7AM, but more often than not, it's closer to 8AM.

7:30 AM

I start my mornings with a big cup of coffee while I go through every inch of Women's Wear Daily. I read a bit of the Times, and a little more of The Post for variety, but I've never missed an issue of WWD.

8:00 AM

I take my dog, Lily for a walk through Central Park. The fresh air gives me a burst of energy to get through fashion week prep.

8:30 AM

Arrive back home to shower, shave and get dressed in what has become my uniform: a tailored Navy blazer, crisp white button down shirt and dark jeans.

9:00 AM

On my way to my factory in Long Island City, I catch up on emails and make a few necessary calls. Every aspect of my business needs extra attention before fashion week, so it's important to have my phone by me at all times during the day.

10:30 AM

After I've checked in on the design team, sewing room and the drapers, I head back to my store on Madison Avenue where I spend most of my day. I like to be around in case any of my clients pop in for a visit!

11:30 AM

Conference call with HL Group, my PR firm, to discuss the inspiration for my collection, current RSVP's and upcoming 30th Anniversary press.

12:30 PM

Catching up with an old friend over lunch at Match 65 - such fresh, wonderful seafood!

2:30 PM

Checking in with my business partner to discuss the upcoming collection and next steps.

4:15 PM

Meet to discuss my new designs for QVC--today we're looking at new faux-fur coats and accessories.

5:00 PM

Glamorous photo shoot for 30th Anniversary press opportunities.

8:00 PM

Dinner with my partner, Michael. We're having my guilty pleasure--a hearty pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce!

9:30 PM

Head over to The Pierre for a relaxing nightcap.

11:30 PM

Arrive home to answer a few pending emails before I get ready for bed. zzzzzzz