A Day in the Life of Elisa Dahan, Co-founder and Co-designer of Mackage

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Glam caught up with Elisa Dahan, co-founder and co-designer of Mackage. Her busy days are spent with family, friends and inspirational fashion icons—all while designing, merchandising, and planning for current and upcoming collections. Here she shares her daily schedule:


Wednesdays is one of the two days of the week I can start my day at the gym. Having a personal trainer is a great source of motivation to get me there!


Time to get my son Nathan ready for school! No matter how busy my day is, I always love to take the time to feed my boys breakfast. This morning it was peanut butter with toast and a hot chocolate.


Now it’s my turn to get ready and then head over to the office (coffee to go in hand!) wearing my Carven dress, Miu Miu shoes, Vita Fede accessories and my go-to Mackage trench. I like to be as efficient as possible so making phone calls from my car is always the best way to go. First call of the day is to get updates from our US sales manager Kelly from our New York team.


Arrive at the office. I like to give myself 30 minutes of power reading through emails while having my daily breakfast of choice: nutella on toast. It’s healthiest way I’ve found to get my daily chocolate fix! Meetings begin!


The design process for the MACKAGE SS14 collection is in full swing. In this meeting, Eran and I work on merchandising the collection with our team. We go through each style with our color swatches and try to envision which style is going to fit perfectly with what colors. It’s a fun process filled with brainstorming on zipper colors, lining and leather detailing. Needless to say, ideas change frequently with creative minds like us, so we always like to think everything through and revisit our decisions.


Lunch time and I’m starving! Our in house chef Carly always knows how to create a delicious well balanced meal. Exactly what I need to keep me working late hours.


I get on a conference call with the ladies from HL Group; our PR firm in New York. They share exciting initiatives they are planning for our handbag collection launch.


Back in our design meeting. This one is held with our pattern team. We review sketches and proto samples so we can begin the fitting of our upcoming collection. A thorough analysis is made on the styling because we want to make sure the jacket falls just right. Not to mention we always have the thought of runway and exclusive pieces in mind.


One of the rare days I leave the office this early but for a very exceptional reason—the C2 MTL conference. This three day event that takes place in the city is a global conference with presentations given by world class speakers like Sir Richard Branson and Bobbi Brown to name a few. The headlining event Eran and I were attending is given by one of my personal icons: Diane Von Furstenberg. As creative directors, these are great opportunities for Eran and I to get our creative juices flowing and put new ideas into perspective.


The conference kicks off with the Top 100 creative people in business in 2013 hosted by Fast Company magazine. So amazing to hear about accomplishments coming from the world of tech, entertainment, interior design and the list goes on!


Impatiently waiting for the lady of the hour to come on! What an inspiring and captivating presentation. Furstenberg shared her insight on how to stay relevant, the empowerment of women and the celebration of our freedom through her designs. We follow this with cocktails at the C2 bar to mingle with fellow creative types.


En route home to put my kids to bed. I cannot go an evening without tucking them in and kissing them goodnight.


Girls dinner, drinks and laughs at my favourite sushi bar in Montreal—Ryu! Serving delectable Japanese tapas in a bold and trendy ambiance, it is a place where I love to relax and kickback after a big day.


Finally get to see my hubby! We catch up on our days, while lying in bed—a perfect way for me to end my day.


zzzzz’s—time to get some rest!