A Day in the Life of Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston is fashion's most wonderfully whimsical designer. Glam caught up Fetherston, who will show her Fall 2012 collection on Saturday, February 11th, on day four of her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week prep to get the scoop on her schedule.

7:45 AM: Wake up. Walk dogs.

8:00 AM: Treadmill.

9:30 AM: Arrive to my office, check out the new samples which came in late last night.

10:00 AM: We are holding castings until 1pm today. I have my fingers crossed we see great girls and that we can confirm most of them by the end of the day!

1:00 PM: Lunch break/check in with my design team for updates on incoming samples and alterations.

2:00 PM: Begin our second day of looks styling. This is where my stylist and I create looks and photograph them on a model. We usually come up with over 60 looks which we have to edit down to 30-35 for our show. This is always a huge process because there are so many considerations, i.e. belt or no belt, tights or bare leg, which shoe to pair with the look, etc. So even when we know which dress we are going to show, we photograph it five different ways to records the options. At the end of several days of this we choose our strongest looks and that is what we show in the presentation.

7:00 PM: Wrap looks styling and review photos from the day to see what's looking strong.

8:00 PM: Check in with casting director for an update on which models have been confirmed, who's an option, etc.

9:00 PM: Check in with my music director. Listen to the updated play list.10:00 PM: Head home. Go through any outstanding emails from the day. Address all media and press requests.

11:00 PM: Decompress. Hang out with my dogs.

12:30 AM: Go to bed