A Day in the Life of Hormonal Wellness Expert and VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care Founder, Dr. Rebecca Booth

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Glam caught up with Hormonal Wellness Expert and VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care Founder, Dr. Rebecca Booth, as she balances morning and night meditations, surgeries, and researching and developing the VENeffect product line. Here she shares her daily schedule:


Alarm sounds and time for morning meditation, 10 minutes that close with visualizing the day ahead followed by a 10-minute snooze before the 6 am full wake up.


On the elliptical at home gym for 22 minutes while reading the paper, then Pilates video for 12 minutes. I recommend a daily minimum of 22 minutes of cardio and notice a huge difference if I skip this step in terms of energy throughout the day.


Quick shower and then layer on VENeffect: 2 pumps of firming serum, followed by the luxurious intensive moisturizer, our SPF 15 daily moisturizer on top, followed by eye, lip and neck all separately applied. A touch of make up–this is surgery day, so easy wardrobe change to scrubs and a ponytail.


Quick breakfast just before walking out the door. I always start the day with plant protein, a healthy alternative to the carb-rich usual breakfast fare. Walnut butter on triscuits, today–and my husband Steve has his usual boiled egg filled with hummus. Then comes my secret weapon–my own cocktail of supplements that I never skip including vitamin D, omega 3 oils, folic acid, and biotin.


After a quick ten-minute commute, arrive in the pre-op to see my surgery patients for the day, then to the OR to meet with the team. The plan is minimally invasive gynecologic surgery so that no one has more than a pencil eraser sized incision.


My first case is a challenge as we need to separate a very large cyst from the ovary in a young patient, but all goes well.


My third case is a patient needing ovary removal due to a hereditary cancer syndrome, 2 hours are required for dissection due to endometriosis, but thankfully all is benign!


Wrapping up my fourth case and my entire team is ready for a late hit at the coffee machine. All the patients went home today after their surgery. One of the many benefits of minimally invasive procedures!


I next head to the office. I don’t normally see patients on surgery days but this one needed to be squeezed in at her request for menopausal symptoms. She has many questions about the changes she is noticing and this is one of my favorite topics as I can relate and share some great secrets, including diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise and of course skin care! Often my patients ultimately seek my help when their symptoms begin to affect the way they see themselves–their self-image. The loss of collagen that closely follows estrogen decline is dilemma as we don’t mind being “off duty” at a certain age as it relates to fertility, but we certainly don’t want to look or feel off duty. We formulate an individualized plan to combat hormonal aging for her.


As I leave the office I check in with my sister, Cecil Booth, who runs our skin care company in Chicago. We try to touch base each day and often use the weekends for our longer strategy and planning sessions. As this is near year-end–our first full year in Neiman Marcus with VENeffect, we are planning on Year 2 and reflecting on all that we have learned this year. I love working with my sister as these late night/early morning and weekend calls buck conventional corporate modus operandi.


Dinner prep. I find it therapeutic and ritualistic–especially after a very busy day. My husband picks up the last ingredients for spaghetti sauce as I brown the onions and I boil the whole-wheat pasta (my teenage daughter’s favorite) and get ready for a glass California Zin. Yes–one glass is legal!


A little home-office time to check PubMed for research on the latest phytoestrogens and their use on cancer prevention. My sister and I have been pioneering the use of high potency phytoestrogens, plant molecules that mimic the benefits of estrogen in stimulating collagen and elasticity in skin. We spent 7 years researching and developing our line VENeffect, designed to get that glow of peak hormonal vitality–a phenomenon we call the “Venus Effect” New data show that these super molecules are also cancer preventative. I am thrilled to have something to recommend to my patients, including those who, for medical or personal reasons, are not candidates for hormone therapy. My sister and I both turned 50 during the development and launch of the line–and can speak first hand to the need and the great results!


Log in to my practice’s medical records to prep for tomorrow’s patients (37 to see and all charts need reminders as to who needs vaccines, bone density testing, mammogram, etc.) Electronic Medical Records, or EMR as we call it, is a blessing and a curse. In the digital age you are never more than a computer click away from your work, but I still covet the face-to-face with my patients.


Back to the bathroom for the evening ritual–the cleansing and skin care steps that remove and renew. Our regimen is simple–we have just six wonderful products in the line, each very purposeful. My favorite now is the new VENeffect Firming Phyto-Lift Serum–it brightens, firms and is an amazing boost to the Intensive Moisturizer to follow.


Face feeling fabulous, time for good night kisses, meditation for 10 minutes and then crawl into the very welcome bed for another night’s sleep.