A Day in the Life of Jeanie Syfu

Glam checked in with TRESemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu as she gears up for the Tracy Reese's Spring 2013 show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Here, she shares her schedule filled with tons of emails, clients, TRESemmé products ensure every strand looks stunning on and off the runway.

7:00 AM: My alarm goes off to the calming sounds of a harp in hopes to make it to the gym for some cardio – ouch! Maybe not! I’m still so sore from yesterday's training session. Going back to bed!

9:00 AM: Ok, feeling much better. My cat, Biscuit, is on my chest purring and I give her a snuggle before grabbing my iPhone to do a quick check of emails, social media etc.

9:30 AM: I make it out of bed to make myself a triple espresso. Shower. I sit at my vanity, which is right at a window with the best natural light. I recently got lash extensions in hopes of simplifying my beauty routine in the morning, but from the looks of them this morning, I’m not too sure about that.

I prep my hair with TRESemmé 24 Hour Blow Dry Lotion to control flyaways and while braiding my hair, I think about cutting it short again. I can't decide! I throw on my jeans and a t-shirt and walk down the block to grab some brunch.

10:00 AM: I eat and return emails, read through social media feeds, and book some clients for the week. With Fashion Week approaching, they all know to book appointments before things get crazy for me, so I try to squeeze everyone in.

12:15 PM: The car service calls my cell to let me know they are downstairs. TRESemmé is sponsoring the Tracy Reese show again this season, and the car is here to take me to the hair test but they’re 30 minutes early! I get dressed quickly!

They told me not to wear white for the camera, but the Armani vest I’ve decided on is too amazing not to wear and it's off white, so that doesn't count, right?! I also throw on bangles from India that I love and a necklace from my boyfriend I have been itching to wear!

12.30 PM: Ok, ready to go but pack my heels because I need to make it down two flights of stairs with my suitcase, and it's always extra heavy during fashion week!

12:35 PM:
I’m in the car heading to Tracy's showroom, reminiscing about all the seasons I’ve worked with her – so much fun! I text Jamal, my assistant, to see if he can meet me before we go upstairs.

12:50 PM: When I arrive Jamal is still about 30 minutes away so I wait at a nearby Starbucks. I put my heels on and then decide to head to the showroom to setup. On the way, I run into the camera crew and we go up together as TRESemmé is shooting at the hair test to get behind-the-scenes footage for their “Style Setters” web series.

1:15 PM: I walk into the showroom and set up for our “how to” videos. I get wired and mic checked, say hello, and wish everyone well for another amazing season. Jamal walks in, and he sets up all my equipment and products needed.

1:30 PM: Tracy comes over, and we begin to chat about the hair look, and the cameras are rolling! She shows me two tear sheets – I can’t give too much away – but a major pop star inspires the hair look!

1:40 PM: I get to work on two different models, which have different types of hair. One has thick, wavy hair and the other has fine, straight hair. Tracy always has me try the looks on different types of hair to cover all bases and it ensures I'm not dealing with any surprises at the show. The hair look is top secret until the show but I can let you know that two of my go-to products were TRESemmé Smooth Anti-Frizz Secret Crème and 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse!

3:15 PM: Tracy asks the models to do a walk for us so we can see how the hair moves and can study the hair from all angles. We love it! Tracy then takes me though her collection where I get to see all the fabrics, textures and silhouettes. I’m really excited about a few particular pieces – the whole collection is amazing, and the hair look is going to complement it perfectly!

4:00 PM: We say our goodbyes! Before I go, Tracy lets me know that I can pop by her store and pick out something to wear the day of the show. She is always so generous like that!

4:10 PM: The car meets me downstairs and I head back to Brooklyn.

5:10 PM: Once home, I drop off my styling kit, throw on my jeans and head to Walter’s for a glass of wine and an early dinner. I also go through more emails!

7:00 PM: I meet a client back at my apartment to give her a haircut.

8:00 PM: Feeling really great about the day and Tracy’s upcoming show, I zone out in front of the TV and watch Almost Famous!