A Day in the Life of Jewelry Designer Mckenzie Liautaud

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Mckenzie in the Show room- Glam

GLAM CHECKED IN with jewelry designer Mckenzie Liautaud to see what a regular day is like in his life - from sunup to sundown. Here, Liautad shares his day with Glam.

6:45 AM

Alarm clock goes off, turn on the kettle to make green tea and check my e-mails. All spam. Catch up on The American Reader.

7:15 AM

Walk the dog and pick up a vegetable quiche at the Choice in Brooklyn.

7:40 AM

Blast my usual morning mix of Lana del Rey and Asap Rocky, feed the dog and eat my quiche (she's my breakfast meeting every morning.)

8:00 AM

Insanity workout!

8:45 AM

Hot, hot, hot shower and shave -- I'm a Zihr guy.

9:05 AM

Dash to the Designer Open see at Bendels.

10:02 AM

First one there, buyer barely looks, rejected :-(

10:35 AM

Hit the city streets, check voice mails and emails

11:06 AM

Check in with my studio, India Hicks loves the collection and has placed an order for Sugar Mill Trading Co.

11:30 AM

Call India back, she's in town and wants to take the order with her! Woot woot! I promise to deliver the entire order before 8 pm. Of course, all the pieces are already made...

11:40 AM

Check the inventory and we're 4 pieces short...yikes!

12:3 PM

Leave my office and head to Swarovski to pick up crystals for the India Hicks order and meet actor, friend and client Sami Gayle for lunch at Freds.

1:00 PM

Get off the subway, I'm 3 blocks away from the Swarovski; I call to let them know I'm on my way (I should have called them before I left my office).

1:38 PM

Running late for lunch with Sami. I barely touch my chopped chicken Salad but left no trace of my lemon sorbet ... feeling the time crunch and hop a cab back to my the office.

3:00 PM

Begin making the remaining for Sugar Mill order. Intern is packing and prepping the invoice -- not just any intern, he's also shipping and receiving and accounts payable ;)

3:35 PM

Trying to finish the Hicks order and get an urgent call from a stylist that needs to pull NOW for an editorial shoot

4:00 PM

Stylist arrives early while I'm on a conference call with an potential showroom rep -- mute my call, air kisses and hand her package of her selects. Down the Organic Ave Green Love juice in the refrigerator.

4:45 PM

Meeting with celebrated furrier Christopher Whyte to discuss a possible F/W collaboration

5:00 PM

Planning to expand the collection next season with scarves. Review swatches love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, hate, hate, love, love, love...

5:50 PM

Face time with my sister and my brand new adorable baby niece Chloe.

6:10 PM

Order is completed and ready to drop off to India... no cabs... hop on the train... deliver to India as she's leaving... phew!

7:20 PM

Meet one of my besties Maya Haile at Mandoo Bar in little Korea for dinner...Topics on the table (along with bi bim bop) summer travel plans, Stephen Burrows exhibit, "When Fashion Danced" at The Museum of the City of New York and discussed the launch of her new charity Three Goats Org.