A Day In The Life Of Kim Soane

Glam recently checked in with Bobbi Brown's Director of Global Artistry Kim Soane, who helps spread the word of Bobbi's vision of beauty to the brand's teams of makeup artists. Here, Soane shares the details of her schedule including her health routine, the different training programs she creates for the makeup artists, and of course, gearing up for Fashion Week with Tibi and Veronica Beard.

5:15 PM: The alarm goes off, and I hit snooze for 5 minutes.

5:20 AM: I am up and put my workout clothes on right away. The very first thing I do is have hot water and lemon, then a Nespresso – oh I love my Nespresso!

5:30 AM: I do a one hour workout- my latest exercise obsession is Shawn T's Insanity Video Series. He is amazing and I have followed his workouts all summer. With the chaos of Fashion Week's schedule- I will switch to 5-7Km runs- it's a great way to relieve stress, get fresh air and give my dog Sam exercise all at once.

6:30 AM: Shower, dress, do my hair and makeup. I don't leave the house without Bobbi's “secret to the universe” (Corrector/Concealer), Bobbi's Medium Bronzer, Curled lashes with at least two coats of mascara, color in my brows, and a swipe of gloss on my lips. My latest favorite is an original gloss color, Petal.

7:30 AM: Drink a quick protein shake made up of a handful of frozen berries, pure bran, and whey protein.

7:40 AM: Catch the ferry to head into Manhattan. Crossing the river is a beautiful way to start and end my day – the air, being on the water, and the stunning view of Manhattan. Commuting has become a time for me to get caught up – read emails from my Asia and European counterparts and scan through a couple of online papers and blogs.

8:30 AM: Arrive at the office and make another Nespresso- yes! Bobbi stocked our office kitchen a Nespresso machine; she actually did a whole renovation and supplies healthy snacks to her team. Bobbi is super passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and truly believes that beauty starts from within. I too am a believer of “you are what you eat,” and our office kitchen is a great place to start the day.

9:00 AM: Let the work day begin! After touching base with our Artistry team in the office, I jump into the meetings and shoots. Every day is different, and today I am working with Bobbi to do a make-up application for a high profile celebrity (one that is on the tips of everyone's tongues lately). I check with our team to ensure there are doubles of Bobbi's favorite brushes, all the new makeup product from our Spring 2013 Collections are out, and Bobbi's favorite hand spray (this awesome organic peppermint spray) is there, too. The celeb arrives, and Bobbi works her magic as I assist and ensure Bobbi has everything she needs, and I help with a few steps and choosing colors and techniques along the way.

11:00 AM: I join our department’s weekly team meeting where we are planning our Bootcamps for the season. This Fall we are in Barcelona, London, Hong Kong, and Lisbon. I am finalizing the training programs I wrote this summer, and our team works together on creating intense week-long trainings for our top artists around the world to then pass onto their in-store artists. It all begins with Bobbi's vision and message, and it's my job to make sure every artist around the world learns Bobbi's message.

1:00 PM: My favorite Balthazar salad arrives – the Mediterranean with grilled chicken. The dressing is the best! I give away the bread and replace with a few almond crackers – they are delicious and satisfying – higher protein and lower carbs than a roll or piece of bread. But after lunch I used to always have a piece of chocolate, I now have a cup of herbal tea and pop a piece of peppermint gum and if I am still hungry, I grab a FUJI apple as I always carry one on me.

1:20 PM: I’m out the door with our awesome resident artist, Cassandra. We are on our way to do two makeup tests. Today's tests are for a show I am leading, Tibi and then Bobbi's show for the designer, Veronica Beard.

1:30 PM: We arrive at Tibi's studio and meet with the founder and designer, Amy Smilovic. It's my fourth season leading her shows, and it is great to be invited back. I am wearing the calf skin booties they gave me as a thank you gift for last season's show – so generous (and they are gorgeous)! Amy and her team are a great group of talented women who know what women want to wear. Their collection is wearable yet is also a statement piece. The makeup test goes well, and I am excited to share it with Bobbi (you will have to wait and see the show to see the final look later today)!

3:00 PM: In the back of a taxi over to the Fashion District, having a touch base with Marc on the phone (he runs artistry for North America), we go through the latest scheduling changes for Fashion Week. Our team from Asia has arrived, and we are excited to host them during their first trip to New York City.

3:30 PM: I meet Bobbi at Veronica Beard, and the best makeup assistant, Laramie, has Bobbi's makeup set up perfectly to the layout standard I created. After assisting Bobbi for over 7 years with 14 Fashion Weeks and countless shoots, I created a set up standard that must be followed. This way no matter where Bobbi is, whatever shoot I am doing, any artist backstage, anywhere can ensure the kits are clean, there is a uniform layout, and the products are packed a certain way. With almost a 1000 pieces of makeup that need to be on hand, in perfect condition at all times, it takes a team and lots of organization!

5:00 PM: The Veronicas were thrilled with Bobbi's work. Now I head back to the office, drop off the makeup kits, create the face charts, and touch base with my team for updates on our PRO Artist Program we launched this week. Product Development has asked me to look at some new formulas and colors to get my opinion before they show them to Bobbi tomorrow.

6:30 PM: I leave Our SoHO office and head uptown to the Empire Hotel rooftop bar to host our visiting artists for a relaxed “Welcome” drink. They are thrilled to be invited and love their welcome gift bags, which included Bobbi's latest must-have-product: Retouching Powders. They are a key product for many of this season's looks at the shows.

8:00 PM: I catch a taxi over to the ferry docks and manage to catch the 8:20 PM ferry back home.

8:30 PM: I arrive back home. I quickly pick up my dog Sam and take him out for a long walk along the river. This time gives me a chance to call my boyfriend, Mike, who lives in Toronto. I hear about his day, share stories, and get his solid advice. His strength and belief in me is a huge reason why I have become better at work/life balance. We talk about his visit down after Fashion Week and that he will be here before we know it.

9:00 PM: I have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup I made on the weekend, check emails, touch base with the lead artists for their shows tomorrow, and drink my last liter of water for the day as its part of my mandatory 3L's a day.

10:00 PM: I crawl into bed, take my vitamins, and slather Bobbi's Intensive Skin Supplement on, her Extra Eye Repair Cream and layer on Overnight Face Cream. Seems like a lot but everyone tells me I don't look 42. I am and I truly believe that the nightly ritual of removing your makeup and skincare makes a big difference. Sleep is when your body repairs and renews itself, why not help the process?

10:15 PM: I fall fast asleep. Sweet dreams or as we say in Canada “faites de beau reves!”