A Day in the Life of Kristina Estabrooks

Glam checked with CND’s b as she balances her life in the country while organizing a ton of nail art idea she must craft with her CND team for Norman Ambrose and The Blonds for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Here she shares her schedule, including gathering vegetables from her garden, handling technical difficulties, and fitting in some time for developing nail templates.

5:00 AM: Wake up to a beautiful morning in the country. I live about 6 miles outside of Nimrod, MN, Population, 69. Yes, there is a town with that name and population, believe it or not. Mix myself a cup of Iced Coffee from Starbucks (the closest Starbucks to me is 45miles away) and ponder the day ahead. Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 is just around the corner and there are many things to prepare for. But of course, the home life doesn’t stop for Fashion Week so I better get that out of the way first.

6:00 AM: Let’s start with the garden first. Finish pulling the carrots and picking tomatoes. Oh look, I have to freeze some broccoli tonight!

7:00 AM: My dear friend and client Mona is coming over to pick the last crop of green beans. As she arrives, I can’t help but share some of my concept ideas for the Blonds show. I recently rebalanced her nails on Tuesday and did some trial runs of some of my ideas. She’s always up for something fun and exciting. P.S. – she LOVED them!

8:00 AM: Need to finish canning the carrots from last night. Harvested a full 5 gallon pail, and I canned until 10:30pm – 24 pints in total. COOL! As I’m prepping the carrots I look at the bright orange colors and think to myself, “These ‘brights’ remind me of some of the colors I might be using this season.” Finish prepping the carrots and put into jars; they are ready to go in the canner. 10 minutes until my conference call with Norman Ambrose. I really like him; he has such creativity and sophistication. Canner is on the stove and ready to process for 25 minutes.

9:00 AM: Conference call with Norman Ambrose, my great friend and coworkers Roxanne Valinoti & Sarah Okins as well as Hannah Longman from RED PR. Details to come…

10:00 AM: Follow up conception with Roxanne on the Norman Ambrose show as well as logistics for the 17 shows we are working this Fashion Week. Determination: we need another team member. There is so much production this season. Speaking of production, I need to start working on some concepts.

10:30 AM: Time to do my chores that I’ve put off for too long. Feed the chickens and the baby chicks. Check cows and calves. Water the horses. Check the feed for the pheasants. (Pheasants are raised and released to repopulate the wildlife). Switch gears – back to Fashion Week.

11:00 AM: Type up the notes from the last two designer meetings. Email David Blond to confirm some final details in conception. Call Sarah Okins to discuss some nail templates. My goodness, it’s noon already!

12:00 PM: No time for lunch today. My darling husband, Tim, calls and one of our semi-trucks has blown a brake canister. (We have a small trucking company that hauls agriculture products) Online – find a repair shop – call for service. Ok that’s done; now back to Fashion Week again!

1:00 PM: Filter through the emails from Fashion Week and organize by designer. Print out inspiration photos, beauty test sheets, schedule, and travel documents. Fashion Week book is starting to come together. My mother, Lolita, and sister, Shawna, stop over to drop off my groceries for the Labor Day weekend family camping trip. Thank goodness for family! They understand the Fashion Week crunch (their term). They offered to do my grocery shopping as its 30miles to the nearest grocery store, which means that would take at least 3 hours out of my day. Thanks Mom & Shawna!

1:30 PM: My nephew Adam comes into my office/salon and says that the belt came off the lawn mower. Ok, I’ll be back to Fashion Week stuff in a minute. This may be a long night of template creation.

2:00 PM: Grease and dirt to my elbows, but my 2 ½ week old Shellac manicure is still holding strong. That reminds me, I still need to do my nails. What shall I do with my nails this season? CND Shellac of course, maybe additives… hmm let me ponder. Oh yeah, and I need to catch up the horses as the ferrier (hoof trimmer) is coming between 4:00pm-6:00pm.

3:00 PM: OK, let’s do some template creation! Sometimes I get inspired from templates I’ve created in the past. Let’s pull out some old nail boards and take a look. (see pics) Now of course, I can’t let you in on the actual template creation, what fun would that be to ruin the surprise before the show? But I can tell you it’s going to be exciting and fun!

5:00 PM: Ferrier has arrived; Time to trim some hooves. Have to give the horses some exercise first or they get a little feisty. Feed the dog, do the evening chores.

6:00 PM: Dinnertime for the family: spaghetti, garlic toast, fresh beans from the garden.

7:00 PM: Dishes and back to the office/salon to do some more template work and organization for Fashion Week. When you’re doing 17 plus shows in a season, it really doesn’t sound like much. But then when you sit down and do the math: Each show averages 25 models. Each model has 10 fingers. But the sizes of the nails are a mystery until you’re backstage at a show. Therefore we do 20-22 nails per model. That equals to about 550 individual nails for every show. Take 550 nails times 17 shows. That equals 9750 individual nails for the models! Some sets take up to 4-5 painstaking hours to create and the models where them for about 15minutes or less on the runway. That’s not including the number of templates we send to each designer for pre-approval. So now I must get back to the organization and strategic planning to get the 10,000 nails we need to create and produce for Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013.

8:30 PM: Last but not least, need to can the tomatoes I picked this morning into spaghetti sauce – 15 pints! It’s been a good day! I can’t wait for Fashion Week to start so I can take a little break. HA!

11:30 PM: Off to bed! Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 Here we come!