A Day in the Life of Lubov Azria

Glam checked in with BCBGMaxAzria’s Chief Creative Officer, Lubov Azria in the days leading up to the Fall 2012 BCBGMaxAzria and Hervé Léger shows to get the scoop on her hectic schedule. Here, Azria shares her pre-Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week routine:

6:15 AM: Alarm works. One day, can’t it just give out? I have my sneakers by my bed, so they can walk me to the gym. This is the time I’m asking myself, why did I sign up for the LA marathon??

6:30 AM: Warm up! Crawl, walk, run. I’ve tried everything, and I’ve discovered that running is the best way to get up and start the day. Caffeine is a close second.

7:15 AM: Work out. Whether, its cardio, boxing, bouncing, stretching, running… you name, I’ve tried it. Today, it was a lesson on breathing, giving the body what it needs and when. Am I training for the marathon or the fashion shows? Either way, I’m giving it my all and running with it!

…Quick change artist. I think all of us in the industry spend the least amount of time getting ready. Our work is to dress others.

8:15 AM: Breakfast – Voted in my book, the best use of time! Menu: wheat toast, egg whites, homemade instant coffee – can’t help it, I love it!

9:00 AM: Drive time, my time. The best time to check up on emails 😉

9:45 AM:
All in a day…First thing I do is review the schedule. My wide-eyed caffeine-infused team give me a 10 minute download on…what are the goals of the moment, of the hour, of the day, of the week, of the month.

10:15 AM: Look of the day. Like clockwork, my jack of all trades, site editor is ready to snap a shot of today’s outfit. Didn’t realize how my many people would look at what I’m wearing, but it’s great to have that connection on Facebook.

10:30 AM: Color me happy. Nothing is too graphic here…We review prints, colors, and layouts.

11:00 AM: Fabric meeting. Is it 11:00am already? Shit I am late again …tick tock…Note to self: create more hours in the day

11:30 AM:
Fitting. Operation Model FIT…There are no boundaries or limitations…maintain balance for endless hours in high platform shoes while bending and contorting oneself to various dimensions …then layer it on baby…tape it up, pin it, cut it, paste it, sew it, nip it, tuck it, drape it, stretch to left, bend to the right, rotate…the Pilates stretches kick in about right now…

2:00 PM:
Lunch Box. INTERNAL BATTERY RECHARGE—Loading-up on Vegan fuel…downloading email…adjusting remainder of schedule and most of all, shop online. Oh no, here comes Production, Marketing, Design, Visuals… I feel like a human Band-Aid, hope the glue sticks …Where are those extra hours in the day?

3:00 PM: Design Lab. The days leading up to fashion week are to me a science experiment for the fashionistas! In our design laboratory, we have the privilege to play. Our only limit is the extent of our imaginations. At this point, we have refined our concepts and are creating the vision. Now, we’re in construction mood. I’m knee deep in bandages, leathers, silks, music, Starbucks, chains and whips (oh these designers, you never know where there inspiration is coming from).

7:30 PM: Access-so-sorry. Drive by with the footwear team…. Runway shoe update. Haven’t seen the final shoes, and just got word the shipment will be sent directly to NY. Making these stylish yet functional garments for the feet is not an easy task. It takes months to make the prototype, add a month or so to get it in the right color and if you dare to add a last minute buckle, then the show is in jeopardy. When those boxes arrive, it’s Christmas in February!

8:00 PM: Recap. More like my night cap with my team. This is when I finally get to sit at my desk and exhale. It was a great day and can’t wait for tomorrow.

8:30 PM: Winding down. In my car is where my ideas expand and go far… I am just waiting to exhale and maintain my balance of thought and creativity…my fantastic voyage…

9:00 PM: 24 hour Korean Spa. Yes, it exists!

10:00PM: It’s a wrap. Download on kids’ day. Cuddle up with my iPad and escape into the endless world where this device takes you. Fall asleep with gratitude & love.