A Day in the Life of Melissa R. Meyers, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, PageDaily

Melissa R. Meyers is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of PageDaily, an online magazine where you can shop the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and living. Melissa has appeared as an on-air lifestyle expert on the Today Show, Fox, and Better.tv among others. She loves sharing beauty tips, fashion tricks, celeb product picks, and inside scoop on PageDaily’s website, newsletter, and videos. She’s also an incredibly busy mom of two living in New York City. “Life can be pretty hectic,” Melissa tells Glam, “but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” We caught up with Melissa to get a glimpse into a typical day of her life.

6:30 AM: First thing I do is start checking and answering emails for 30 minutes on my Blackberry, which I keep next to my bed.

7:00 AM: I always eat breakfast with the kids (I have a 14 year old girl and 12 year old boy). I usually eat a scooped out half a whole wheat bagel with melted cheddar cheese, scrambled egg whites with truffle salt and some fruit. I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

7:30 AM: Kids are off to school and now I can get ready for my daily workout.

8:00 AM: I enjoy starting the day with exercise and like to switch it up every day…Core Fusion, Soul Cycle, power walking in Central Park, or the bike and stairmaster at the gym in my building. I also have a weekly tennis game and horseback ride on weekends. I love to get my endorphins flowing each day… it’s a great way to reduce stress.

9:00 AM: Return from workout and pick up a skim chai latte from my favorite local café, Effy's. I am always checking and responding to emails…I'm addicted to my blackberry.

9:30 AM: Shower and get ready. I usually try out new beauty products I’ve received to review for PageDaily editorial. I like to try something new almost every day, whether it's make-up, a skin care product or something for my hair.

9:45 AM: I get my hair blow dried professionally twice a week and have someone come to my home to do it. If I don't have any public or TV appearances, I will do it myself.

10:30 AM: I am now ready to plow into my large workload for the day that includes writing and approving articles for the site and newsletter, trying to book a celebrity or expert for an interview or guest-edited article, all while keeping up with social media. I always post a tip of the day on Facebook and Twitter in addition to sharing news, new articles or recent purchases. I appreciate the days when I can actually sit down at the desk at my home office and get through my work.

11:00 AM: Meet with Louis our CEO to discuss site traffic, metrics and how we can improve all aspects of the business from an operational standpoint, increase revenues, partnerships, etc. I am so thankful to have someone who can handle this part of the business because it’s not really my thing! Other days, I use the time to approve all art and banners for the site and newsletter.

12:30 PM: Lunch meeting, usually with another entrepreneur to discuss partnerships and business development opportunities. Once a week, I try to meet some friends at a local lunch spot like Serafina or Candle 79 for a quick bite and to play catch-up!

2:00 PM: Meet with Caitlin, my right hand and editorial assistant, to review the editorial calendar for the next few weeks and months. There are always so many changes depending on what is newsworthy. We also discuss and source products for upcoming articles and TV segments. Then we usually talk about ideas for the next contest and giveaway (we are always running one).

4:15 PM: Each day is different… Could be a press preview appointments with PR companies, calls, meetings, responding to emails, kids after school stuff.

5:30 PM: Weekly manicure at my favorite place, Iris Nail. I really try to turn off here…there are no cell phones allowed so it forces me to relax. I always get a 15 minute back massage while my nails are drying – I love to multi-task.

6:30 PM: I try to have dinner with my husband and kids as much as possible as it is my quality time with them. I think it is so important for a family to eat together and engage in conversation given the high-tech busy world we all live in.

7:15 PM: I go out to events at night a few times a week so have become an expert at quickly getting ready. These events include work-related parties and charities, movie premieres, school events, and sometimes a night out with my husband and another couple for dinner. I enjoy going to the theater and movies but save that for the weekends when there is more time. I am lucky that my husband is the designated homework Dad and helps the kids whenever necessary with their studies.

8:00 PM: If I don't have an event, I like to get in my PJs early and catch up on some more emails and personal stuff, mail, etc. When I’m home, I always seem to be in my home office!

9:00 PM: I like to watch Modern Family, Revenge, Mad Men, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New York… I find anything on Bravo highly entertaining. I watch with my husband and kids in what we call “the family bed.”

11:00 PM: More emails before bed…I'm hardly ever without my blackberry or iPad! This is also the only time I seem to be able to catch up with my husband.

11:30/12:00 Bed…finally. I usually fall asleep within seconds.