A Day in the Life of Nicole Miller

Glam caught up with Nicole Miller in the midst of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week crunch time to hear about her day. Here, Miller shares her hectic schedule, complete with spinning, fittings, blowouts, makeup, and more:

6:30 AM:It’s hard to believe our show is less than a week away! I get up early and wake up my son Palmer, and help him get ready for school.

7:30 AM:

Heading to Soul Cycle! I am addicted to their classes, Nick is my favorite

instructor. I savor this time to clear my head.

8:00 AM: On the way to work, I stop at the deli

across the street and buy a baguette and

take it to the office.

9:00 AM: First thing at the office I check in with my design team on the samples.

10:00 AM: I head over to the Barber Shop to get a blowdry – Spiotta Salon on 38th Street. New York’s best kept secret!

10:15 AM: Pop into an appointment with Kiera for makeup. We have two shoots today – getting professionally primped is one of my most savored indulgences.

11:00 AM: Half of the shoes for the show arrive – but the other half are still stuck in customs! We are all crossing our fingers they arrive in time.

11:30 AM: I meet with two models for a fitting and a quick photo shoot. I love getting to know the women who wear my clothes, and making the time to ensure everything fits perfectly. The fit is everything!

12:00 PM:

Touch up my nail polish at my desk – no time for a manicure.

1:00 PM: I head to our kitchen to enjoy a lunch of Thai curry chicken and rice, expertly prepared by our chef, Beverly. She cooks for the whole office every Wednesday and Friday. I love this time to chat with the girls in the office.

1:30 PM: Checking in on the sewing room & the drapers.

3:00 PM: I hop on a call with a reporter from Time.com, discussing my inspiration for this season’s collection, and also talking about Indigo Africa.

4:00 PM:
Interviewing for another design assistant – I always love meeting with new young talent!

4:30 PM: I run from my atelier to meet with Cameron Silver. We discuss what we are going to wear to the Met this year – he is my date, and I am designing his suit. I need to start thinking about what I am going to wear!

5:00 PM: Back to design! We are constantly tweaking pieces for the show – everyday the lineup is changing.

6:00 PM: I’m checking out Pulqueria tonight – so excited!