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A Day in the Life of Professional Skier and Model Sierra Quitiquit

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Sierra Quitiquit: yogi, skier, surfer, model, the ultimate free-spirit, and Glam's latest girl-crush. In case you may be underestimating the power of hard work and dedication, know that it was only a couple of years ago that this 24 year-old was working odd jobs, unsatisfied with her current reality, and running head on into an existential life crisis. Today, she's the international face of American Eagle and a star in Warren Miller Entertainment's Ticket to Ride. How's that for following your dreams?

Featured in a segment of the film shot in the skier's paradise of Iceland, Quitiquit is busy getting the public excited about Ticket to Ride (even making personal appearances at some of the Bay Area screenings of the film. She'll be Campbell tonight and San Francisco tomorrow, so get your ticket ASAP!), but she took time to document her hectic and exciting day for Glam. For the rest of you snow lovers feeling inspired, check out when the film will be showing at a theatre near you here.

6:00 AM

Wake up to the sound of harps on my iPhone. I immediately turn on some form of power music to get me going. Currently Biggie Smalls - Juicy. “It was all a dream...”

6:15 AM

Breakfast: Quinoa Porridge with coconut oil, hemp seeds and pecans. Spicy Ginger Lemon tea with stevia and a dash of cayenne.

6:30 AM

Packing for a three day trip for Warren Miller Entertainment’s Ticket to Ride screenings and modeling appointments in San Francisco.Athlete essentials: Athleta leggings, Spyder lightweight down jacket, Oakley “Daisey” Sunglasses, travel yoga mat, Beats by Dre headphones, a black sharpie and posters to sign.
Model essentials: American Eagle black skinnies, black stilettos, nude bra/underwear, Goldie’s geranium face cream and my portfolio, which I keep on an iPad.I bring my Goldcoast cruiser skateboard with me everywhere. I throw on my beats and cruise from security to my gate at the airport in a heartbeat. Way too much fun.

11:30 PM

Arrive at the hotel. I peel out of the Dissent compression socks and leggings I travel in (to avoid bloating and feeling yucky). Bust a quick revitalizing yoga session and slip into my model get up. One coat of mascara, Tarte tinted moisturizer, Burts Bees Pomegranate chapstick, skinny jeans and heels.

12:00 PM

Casting appointments for a Verizon commercial in downtown San Francisco arranged through my agency, JE Models.

12:30 AM

Lunch at the Ferry Building. Oysters, fresh, seasonal organic fruit, local made breads... heaven!

2:00 PM

Tour de San Fran via skateboard. I love that concrete jungle comes alive with a skateboard.

3:45 PM

My agency calls with another casting for tomorrow. #dothehustle.

4:00 PM

Neeeed foood! Justin’s Almond butter pack to the rescue. I always have snacks on hand because things get ugly when I get hungry.

5:00 PM

I swing back to the hotel to grab my posters before heading to the venue. I throw on a little more night time appropriate make-up and outfit and we’re off to Warren Miller’s #Ticket2Ride.

6:00 PM

I meet with the crew setting up the film and set up by the entrance to sign posters. More snacks. Good Cacao Chocolate... my weakness.

6:30 PM

The crowds start to pour in with smiles on their faces. I sign a couple hundred posters, throw some high fives, take a couple photos with adorable little girls and have a blast meeting with awesome Bay Area folks!

8:00 PM

I hop up on stage and introduce myself and the film. Toss out some free gear to stoked fans. Lights out. The film starts.

9:15 PM

Intermission. More poster signing. More high fives.

10:30 PM

I giggle as I come up on screen hula hooping in to the closing segment in Iceland.

11:00 PM

My boyfriend and one of my best friends from massage therapy school go for drinks and late night bites to catch up. The conversation winds from Iceland and skiing to energy, accupuncture and wellness. Feeling grateful to have such conscious awesome friends.

12:30 AM

I’m surprised I’ve made it this late in to the evening. The tired hits me and I retreat back to the hotel room for some much needed beauty sleep. Excited to score an early morning surf session tomorrow before my casting. Sleep.