A Day in the Life of Rebecca Taylor

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Glam caught up with designer Rebecca Taylorin the week leading up to her New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 show to get the scoop on her hectic schedule. Here, Taylor shares her day with Glam.

6:30 AM

I wake up at my home in Park Slope, and quickly check over my e-mails to see if anything urgent has come up overnight. I don't get a ton of quiet time before my children (twins Zoey and Isabelle, 6, and Charlie, 4 and a half) wake up! I get them dressed and ready for the day while my husband makes breakfast.

8:35 AM

After I eat with my family, I get on the train to come into the office. We're a week out now, and there is still so much to do! To de-stress, I love to read on my mini iPad - it calms me down, and I also always find inspiration from books. Right now I am reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.

9:00 AM

I head into work in the garment district - the neighborhood is so quiet on Saturday mornings compared to the weekdays. It's still relatively quiet in the office as well, but that will certainly change as the day goes on. We're having our second style out today. I compare notes with our show stylist, Kate and members of our design team to see where we are and what has changed since our first style outs.

10:30 AM

Time is flying by since I've arrived, and we know we better have some breakfast to keep our energy up. We all indulge in Chobani Yogurt, one of my favorites. So happy they opened a shop in Soho.

1:30 PM

E! News arrives and starts setting up in our showroom. They are going to be filming the model casting process today as part of their pre-fashion week coverage. Instantly it's a flutter of activity in our showroom as they test out lighting, move furniture around, etc.

2:00 AM

Kate and I begin model castings with our model caster and his team. I am very involved in the model casting process. I think it's important to find girls with great personalities who really represent the brand.

2:30 AM

E! News starts filming as we start the go-sees. It's intimidating (but exciting!) to have cameras on you while you're checking out the models.

3:30 PM

E! News has packed up and cleared out, but we still have a lot of work to be done. When model castings conclude for the day, we have to meet internally and discuss who we'd like to see in the show. And we're still meeting about the designs too.

8:30 PM

It's been a long day with a lot of activity, so it's time to head up and attempt to get some rest. My parents just arrived from New Zealand as well - my mum comes every fashion week to help out. I'll be back in tomorrow morning to regroup with our designers. I don't get too used to the sleep though - it's going to be a crazy week ahead!