A Day in the Life of Tracy Reese

Glam checked in with designer Tracy Resse in the days leading up to the Fall 2012 show to get the scoop on her hectic schedule. Here, Reese shares her pre-Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week routine:

6:15 AM: Blackberry alarm goes off. I hit the 5 minute snooze button three times before checking my e-mails. We have a few outstanding samples as well as all of our runway shoes still coming from China. The beaded pieces for the finale are being meticulously hand made in India. I am anxious to see photos of their progress and hoping for airway bills.

6:50 AM: I get quiet with my first soy latte and the Daily Word. Some days it seems like it's written just for me. It helps keep me centered. Today's message is “Time Enough”. I really needed to hear that!

7:27 AM: Running to the gym for Pilates with Grace! Trying to strengthen my core and shave the chubs off my knees is always challenging, but she makes it fun! It always feels great to burn off any negative energy and get empowered before I start my work day.

8:55 AM: Pick up a fresh green juice as I leave the gym, stop at Duane Reade for cash and some Aquaphor for my super dry skin. It's $19.99 for the large tub! Yikes! Run home to shower and dress. Sometimes, I sketch a little bit at home in the morning before coming to work. Ideas always flow easily in the morning when I am fresh and sometimes it's a challenge to find quiet time to focus and concentrate in the office during “regular business hours.”

9:45 AM:
Grab a taxi to the office, and answer a few e-mails on the way

10:00 AM: Arrive at the office! I order from our favorite organic deli, “Green Symphony.” They know my order by heart now: Asian bowl, which has brown rice, egg whites, onions, tomato, and seaweed. I top it off with turkey bacon. This keeps me fueled for hours. We are working on Holiday 2012 for both Tracy Reese and Plenty, as well as prepping for the show, so it's a busy time! We just finished designing the backdrop this morning. The color should be vibrant and in tune with the collection. I am excited to see it in life size.

1:00 PM: Handbag meeting. Super excited to see our ideas come to life. I'm really into mixed media, and playing with lots of different materials and textures. I am not as confident mixing leathers as I am with textiles so it is a relief to see the bags coming out so well!

2:30 PM: Salad for lunch; I eat while checking out WWD and BOF online.

3:00 PM: Fitting the new fall samples that have arrived so far today. We have to get the comments out to the factories immediately so they can incorporate any additional corrections into the samples that are being made for our showrooms in Japan, L.A., Dallas, Atlanta, and Canada. I am very hands on with the fittings. All alterations are done thru my comments. I go over every piece and do most of the pinning myself. Fit is incredibly important to the success of any garment. I am blessed to have an amazing tech team dedicated to making sure all the details are executed correctly!

5:00 PM: Need coffee! It helps me segue into the next part of my day! We're just getting started! I meet with my team to try to finalize some prints and embroideries for Holiday.

7:00 PM: Have some soup for dinner (I am trying not to eat anything after 8pm!), then work a bit with each member of my team by reviewing today's progress and layering on our next set of priorities. Since the design team will be travelling to Paris to buy fabric for spring 2013 the day after our runway show, we have to make sure both Tracy Reese and plenty collections are totally complete and ready to show to buyers before we leave – which means before the runway show! No pressure!

9:00 PM: We discuss music for the show. I love listening to the different artists coming out. I want a unique sound for the show. Something new and fresh, but still funky!

10:00 PM: Answer more e-mails, mostly press opportunities surrounding the runway show. China is open and answering our e-mails; we volley back and forth before I call it a night.

10:30 PM: Arrive home, wash face, don a caftan and watch “House Hunters International” on HGTV. Maybe I should retire and move to Figi! It looks awfully good right now!

11:30 PM: Take my vitamins, have a cup of “Sleepy Time” herbal tea and turn in! Tomorrow's another day. I am excited to see what it will bring!