A Day in the Life of Trina Turk

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Glam caught up with Fashion Designer, Trina Turk 11 days before her NYFW Presentation as she sampled fabrics, music samples and homemade honey! Here she shares her daily schedule:

6:30 am:

My alarm goes off. It’s 11 days until our presentation. I have a cup of Peets Decaf French Roast before rushing out the door for pilates at 7:00. Pilates Plus Silverlake is my go-to place for an intense workout.

8:05 am:

Breakfast consists of another cup of coffee and yogurt, granola and blueberries with honey from my husband Jonathan’s beehive. Check email, instagram (@trinaturk and @mrturk), read WWD, peruse magazines and blogs. This is the only moment of quiet time during the day when I mentally review everything we’re working on and all that needs to get done that day. I add to my endless to-do list, shower and go.

9:40 am:

My commute is short by LA standards—a quick 20 minute drive from Los Feliz to Alhambra.

10:00 am:

I arrive at the office and immediately check on which fabrics have arrived, check emails from our stylist Katie Mossman in New York regarding boots, and review a selection of hats and belts for the presentation with Jonathan Skow, my husband and business partner.

10:30 am:

Phone interview with Time.com regarding our New York Fashion Week presentation and how Trina Turk has evolved as a company.

11:00 am:

I receive a first draft file of song selects from Anne Litt, who is doing the music for our presentation. Our theme is “California Modern”. I listen and give Anne a call to discuss-- I like the jazzy and atmospheric more than the bluesy and darker tracks. She’ll send more music ideas later.

11:30 am:

Meeting with our executive committee to discuss business, budgets, store locations and other things that have nothing to do with NYFW!

12:30-2:00 pm:

Work on collection and play with looks. Discuss alternative ideas and put sketches into work with our first pattern makers. At this stage, the team is constantly tweaking both the styles that will be shown in our presentation and the balance of the collection that will be shown to buyers. Colors and styles get dropped and added. If anything, we have too much and it’s a constant process of editing.

2:00 pm:

Our fit model Laurie arrives.

2:00—5:00 pm:

We fit new styles for the presentation and shoot some photos in the midst of our fitting for this story. We try on fall samples that are newly arrived from overseas and assess fits, colorways, and what is in or out. I eat the beet and arugula salad my assistant picked up for me which I had forgotten about.

5:00 pm:

Our VP of wholesale sales stops by to pick up samples and presentation boards for an appointment the following day. We discuss pricing and the styles she will suggest they buy.

6:00 pm:

Answer emails, try to unearth the surface of my desk which is piled high with swatches and sketches. I’ll check to see what’s new from our sample room before I leave around 7:30 pm: There are still many samples in work! I’m leaving for New York next week, so we want to finish as much as possible as we can here in LA.

8:00 pm:

Dinner with Jonathan. Then maybe we’ll watch the episode of Downton Abbey or Girls that we missed last Sunday.