A Day in the Life: Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

Glam caught up with Tammy Gibson of 'A Mom in Red Heels' in the midst of her photoshoot to hear about her day. Here, Gibson shares her hectic schedule, complete with makeup, fittings, home schooling, and more:

7:30 AM Alarm goes off. I'm not ready to get up. I hit snooze.

8:10 AM Still in bed, I check my emails on my iPhone and pray for a productive, happy day.

8:15 AM I'm finally up. Forty-five minutes after the alarm went off, but I'm up!

8:20 AM Start breakfast for my kids. My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and feels “low”. She is. Time to get food in her! While she eats, I calculate the carbs from her breakfast and draw up her insulin. I hope the shot won't hurt this morning!

8:30 AM I set up a photo studio for outfit pictures and videos for A Mom in Red High Heels. I bring out the lights and backdrop and set up in our living room. We need to do a few outfit pictures and videos for A Mom in Red High Heels before my husband goes to work. He is my own personal photographer.

8:40 AM Hair, Makeup and wardrobe for photos. I put on my eye makeup with a heavy hand so it shows up better in the photos. I learned from a makeup artist recently how to make my brows look thicker for photos. I give that technique a try and am happy with the results. Note to self: get the brown pencil he used on my! It was fabulous! Today's shoot consists of 2 different spring trend, a new lipstick color I received for review and a fabulous pair of hoop earrings. I wear my red high heels with both outfits…gotta work in the trademark look whenever possible!

9:00 AM Photoshoot. I focus on keeping my eyes wide so I don't look sleepy! The first outfit, featuring the white and bold trend for spring, goes quickly. I really had to put thought into this look because I want to show moms that they CAN wear white. So many are afraid of white because they have small children but it's such a gorgeous spring trend, I want them to embrace it. I hope my look inspires them to break out of jeans and neutrals! The second look, featuring large floral print takes a little longer to set up the shoot as it clashes with every backdrop we own! Time to get creative and make this work!

9:35 AM I change out of my heels and photoshoot outfit to a cozy sweater dress over leggings paired with my favorite boots. This outfit will be great for shooting video later in the day and gives me a cute, comfy outfit for the rest of my day…so much more chic than jeans and tee!

9:45 AM Start homeschool with the kids. My son is in fifth grade, my daughter in second. He gets started on his math while I sit with her and read “Thunder Cake.” I have a lot to grade and record before our meeting with our IST in a few days. I get started on that too. I prefer the photoshoot, grading is just not fun.

12 Noon Lunch and check emails, fax a new brand ambassador contract for a project I'm working on with a major stylist and mall chain. I'm thrilled to have scored this opportunity! I also edit a couple of pictures from the morning photoshoot that need to be submitted to a brand ASAP. The kids keep themselves busy and enjoy their break from school.

12:45 PM Speak with nurse regarding my daughter's insulin levels. All the numbers and charting makes my head spin! We are trying to figure out what to do to keep her blood sugar levels from dipping in the middle of the night so I can stop checking her between 1-2 AM each morning.

12:50 PM FedEx leaves a couple of packages at my door. One contains beauty product samples, the other has a red/purple clutch that I had ordered. A bright clutch is a wardrobe essential for spring! I'm already formulating a plan to get out on a date with my husband so I can carry the clutch!

1:00 PM Restart school with the kids. Arguments are plenty. I remind them daily that if they'd get started instead of arguing that they'd be done sooner. Somehow, this logic doesn't work with them.

2:00 PM We say goodbye to my husband who is heading off to work for the evening. Take kids to PE class. I love watching them learn sport skills and it gives me time to catch up with a good friend who also homeschools her kids. I scan the other moms on the field and don't see a single one wearing anything other than jeans and tennis shoes. I must work harder to get my message out…there is more to a wardrobe than this basic “mom” uniform and I promise, they are just as comfy!

3:20 PM Make a couple of quick product review videos. Today's reviews include a hair dryer and a handbag. The dogs are not cooperating and are barking in the background. Retake. I tear down the “photo studio” once I'm happy with the takes.

4:00 PM Take kids out in the front yard to play with neighbor kids and ride their bikes before dinner. It's their daily recess! I use this time to read some business books, flip though the latest fashion magazines and call out, “CAR!” every time a car comes down our quiet street.

5:00 PM Start making dinner. My kids hope it's not grilled chicken again! It's not, I serve up my husband's “world famous meatloaf” instead. I'm craving Panera Bread but this will have to do.

6:00 PM Take my son to his Cadet meeting. Tonight is the annual Pinewood Derby race! It's his last year in Cadets and I hope his car beats the other fifth graders! It does! One of the parents tells me I always dress “so unique.” I smile and say, “Thank you,” not knowing if that is a compliment but I think that it is. Pairing classics with something special and unique is what makes up my personal style. I love that I don't dress like everyone else!

8:30 PM Home again and time to get the kids settle down for the night. We watch Disney channel for 30 minutes then head to bed.

9:00 PM Since my husband is working tonight, I put both kids to bed with a story. I read my daughter Lanie from the American Girl series and my son Alex Rider, Scorpia. Alex Rider is great- I love this kid spy and have a hard time putting it down!

10:00 PM Start my work for the night. I blog, freelance, upload videos and edit images late into the night. It's my quiet work time, the only sound being me typing away. I know that beauty sleep is important but this is my only productive work time! I'm always rejuvenated when I get started because I love talking about beauty and fashion! It's such a creative, fun and personal experience for every one! My hope is to spread the joy I have for it to everyone who reads A Mom in Red High Heels.

1:15 AM Check my daughter's blood sugar levels. I try to be stealth but the poke wakes her and I sit with her for a few minutes while she falls back to sleep.

1:20 AM Finally, off to bed!

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