A Day In the Life with Lawren Sample, Styling Christina Hendricks for The Emmys

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Lawren Sample is a stylist on a major mission! Her client list includes A-Listers such as Mariah Carey, Hayden Panettiere, Rosario Dawson, Emmy Rossum, and Kat Dennings, but Sample particularly loves to work with her pal ChristinaHendricks. Glam caught up with Sample as she blings out the Mad Men star for the 2014 Emmy Awards red carpet:

6:00 AM

Wake up in severe pain. Fell down a flight of stairs the day before the Emmys! Not a great start to the day. Watch news, email, wait for my 2 year-old daughter to wake up.

7:00 AM

Up and out of bed, husband makes me breakfast every morning with decaf (or else I am a crazy woman). I call the tailor and secure finishing touches on Christina’s dress.

7:45 AM

Call my assistant, grab a gallon jug of water, and head out.

8:30 AM

FIRST STOP: a trusted urgent care clinic: a couple torn tendons in my foot result in needing a walking cast - not stopping me.

9:15 AM

Fill in Samantha at Marchesa PR about last minute changes Christina's red dress while leaving Urgent Care.

10:00 AM

Arrive at Progressive Shoe Repair to pick up Stuart Weitzman heels - I selected a simple silhouette & had them dyed red to match.

11:00 AM

I grab a salad to-go in Larchmont Village to eat in my "office/kitchen" car.

12:00 PM

Arrive at Christina’s, and mingle with her supportive family and friends while enjoying a bite of her mother, Jackie’s, prized and unparalleled quiche before laying out the dress, jewels, bags, and shoes. This year we made it all about the jewelry! The moment I saw this dress on the runway, I fell in love. I knew exactly how I wanted to style it and it was all about Gold! We worked with Neil Lane and LoveGold to get the perfect look. Christina and I just got back from London, so we were both really feeling the idea of yellow gold with a royal feel to it. Neil had the perfect pieces to secure the look. My favorite piece is the Bird Bracelet - it’s so unique and exquisite. I haven’t chosen the bag yet, so I start going through the choices we've pulled. I fell in love with this designer, Lee Savage, at a showroom and feel that the modern edge really complements the jewelry and dress.

1:00 PM

We share some laughs with the glam squad which consist of Gregory Russell (hair) and Vanessa Scali (makeup) while narrowing down the clutches and adding shoe grips to the bottom of her shoes. No one wants a client to take a face plant on the red carpet.

2:00 PM

Christina is ready and hops in her car.

3:45 PM

Phone starts blowing up, Christina has landed on the red carpet!

5:00 PM

Hit up sushi spot on my way home to see my daughter before she goes to bed.

6:30 PM

I make it home just in time to lay in bed with my daughter for an episode of 'Peppa Pig’, read her favorite books with her and my husband and hear about all the fun she had at her weekly Monday art class.

7:30 PM

No parties for me tonight, my foot cancelled all of those so I put together all the returns for the following day, reply to press requests, catch some of the red carpet coverage.

10:00 PM

Fall asleep with the lights and television on, zzzzzzzzzzzz.