A Day in the Pre-Fashion Week Life of Rebecca Taylor

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Glam caught up with Fashion Designer,Rebecca Taylor, who is in the midst of prepping her Fall 2013 collection. With New York Fashion Week prep just around the corner she's been starting her days with 6 am Katy Perry dance-off's and late nights at the office. Here she shares her daily schedule:

Friday, January 25

6:30 AM:

I wake up and immediately check my e-mails to see what the day ahead holds. I try to get a little work done and organize my thoughts before my three children wake up. My twin daughters (age 6) love Katy Perry, so it's not unusual for them to want to dance and sing in the morning before school.

8:30 AM:

I take the twins & my son Charlie to school and get on the train to work, where I read a bit on my Kindle while I have a few quiet minutes. I love to read and try to find time for it whenever I can - I am actually reading The Little Friend by Donna Tartt and its riveting!

9:00 AM:

I get off the Q train and head into work in the garment district, where it's already buzzing with activity. We have a fairly large office, about 65 people between two floors, so there's always a lot going on, especially during show prep time. We're having the first of several style out's today where we decide which looks from Fall 2013 will go down the runway. I compare notes with our show stylist, Kate, and head designer, Kathleen, and get organized before the fit model arrives.

9:30 AM:

We order breakfast to get some fuel for the long day we have ahead. I'm not really a coffee person but I do like a cup of tea in the mornings, especially with the brutal cold we've had this week.

9:45 AM:

I have a quick phone interview with Women's Wear Daily, before I delve into Fall '13 show prep for the rest of the day. It's funny to already be full speed ahead into the next fall collection when Spring has barely begun to arrive in stores!

12:00 PM:

The model arrives and we begin the fittings in the showroom. We have a digital printer synched with our iPhones so we can snap quick photos and print them out on photo paper for our boards. The iPhone pictures are such great quality... how things have changed since the days of styling out with Polaroids!

1:00 PM:

My mum comes to the office straight off a plane from New Zealand. She comes every fashion week to help. I don't know if I could do it without her! She sticks around for a few hours then goes to my house to get some sleep after her long flight.

3:30 PM:

I have a meeting with my PR team and our production company to discuss where we are with lighting, staging, layout, etc for the show. I think how the venue looks and feels is just as important as the clothes that go down the runway, it creates a feeling and a mood for the collection.

4:00 PM:

Finally breaking for some lunch, Kate and I step out of the showroom for a change a scenery. I love the crispy chicken sandwich from Market Café and try to limit myself to once a week.

9:00 PM:

The model is gone but Kate and I are still hard at work looking at the photos from the fitting for the day, and writing notes on each picture, trying out different combinations.

11:30 PM:

Time to go home - I'll be back in tomorrow, Saturday morning, to regroup and work with our designers on putting the finishing touches on the collection, based on the notes we made yesterday. We have a lot more work to do - but for now I just need to get some rest!