A Few Days In the Life of Sarah Lucero

As the Creative Director of Artistry for Stila, Sarah Lucero is the It Girl when it comes to beauty trends. Glam got to catch up with the makeup maven, who shared her busy schedule in the days leading up to a wedding and her New York Fashion Week makeup tests with Rebecca Minkoff.

Thurs., Aug. 30th:
Get my hair done at Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills. I love Ken and I love to get my hair done at his salon. I see Alexis and Lorien often, and they make sure I look and feel beautiful so I’m camera ready for Fashion Week.

I went a bit darker with my hair color—I’m a California girl and I always feel most comfortable with a little boho babe hair style! I’m very low maintenance with my hair and often don’t have time to get into the salon, so it’s important for me to have an easy style and color that I can make last.

Fri., Aug. 31st:
Pick up my dry cleaning before they close for the Labor Day Holiday weekend, otherwise I won’t get any of my favorite clothes until after I return home from New York City and London! Priority!

Sat., Sept. 1st:
9:30 AM: Slept in today and no alarms set, just going at my own pace. I need to rest before Fashion Week, so I try and get enough sleep since I know I won’t get much during the hectic weeks ahead.

4:00 PM: Meeting up with my client Jenni at the Four Seasons Hotel. She’s in town getting married this weekend, so I did her makeup for her rehearsal wedding dinner.

7:00 PM: Swing by The Grove Shopping Center and do a quick lap through Nordstrom and Barneys Co-op. I was on the hunt for Helmut Lang leggings and I found them! They will be part of my fashion week wardrobe for sure!

Sun., Sept. 2nd:
Back to the Four Seasons Hotel for Jenni’s wedding day. We started glamming everyone up at noon! I stayed around most of the day and got to see my client and friend walk down the aisle. I’m glad I used Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner and Stay All Day Waterproof Lash Mascara on everyone, since there was not a dry eye in this crowd! I always cry at weddings-even if I don’t really know the bride or groom. Weddings get me every single time. I love it!

10:00 PM: Pack for Fashion Week. Not sure what to bring to New York City and London,so as usual I pack my favorite Isabel Marant boots and lots of leggings!! I have to be able to work comfortably backstage and I want to look chic and stylish—I always feel great when I wear anything from Isabel Marant.

11:00 PM: I try and organize my makeup kit. It’s not an easy task and so my house now looks like a stockroom for cosmetics—a very unorganized stockroom!

12:00 AM: Zip up my Burton suitcase as I use it is as my makeup kit. I always show off and try to be cool in front of my 11-year old nephew by telling him my Burton makeup case has skateboard wheels…look out I’m coming through. He loves it!

Mon., Sept. 3rd:
Working on an amazing photo shoot all day in Los Angeles. After work I drive directly to LAX airport and jump on the red-eye flight to NYC. I have my first makeup test on Tuesday at 10am for Rebecca Minkoff. I love Rebecca and I’m such a fan of her designs. I can’t wait to see her new collection!

Tues., Sept. 4th:
10:00 AM-12:00 PM: Makeup Test at the Rebecca Minkoff offices. I met Rebecca years ago, and we’ve become very good friends. She is one of the smartest, kindest, sweetest, and hardest working women I know. I adore her and I love doing makeup for her show. She is such an inspiration to me and I feel so grateful to know her.

I meet up with Janice and Kaci from Stila at Rebecca’s office and we spend a couple hours there at her studio creating the makeup look. I tried out a new eyeliner that was in my Stila bag of tricks, launching in the spring. It fit perfectly with the entire look and added a shot of color on the eyes.

The hair and makeup tests are always fun for me because I can be creative and I get to try out lab samples of Stila’s products coming out next season. As the Stila Global Creative Director for Artistry, I come up with beauty products that reflect what you see directly on the runways—I love being part of this process; it’s very exciting for me! I really do have my dream job, and I'm very thankful!

1:00 PM: I order in lunch at the London Hotel-steamed fish and veggies, added a pinch of sea salt and lemon, but I checked my voicemail and email while I waited for it to arrive.

4:00 PM: Got a manicure and made sure my nails look good before I get down and dirty backstage. I’m wearing “Bad Romance” by Deborah Lippmann. Makes me feel like a rock star!

5:00 PM: Beauty supply run to Ricky’s and pick up a few items for my backstage kits. You never know when you will need something, so I make several supply runs during Fashion Week. This time, I stocked up on Beauty Blenders and makeup wipes.

5:30 PM: Called home and checked in. I told my husband, Jeremy, to swing by my office and get my Net-a-Porter package that arrived today and bring it to New York with him. He works Fashion Week, too. He films backstage beauty at several shows both in New York and London during Fashion Week. We have a blast working together!

6:00 PM: Prep for a very busy tomorrow. I have four makeup tests booked. Then going out for dinner with friends tomorrow night!