A Few Days in the Lives of Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz

Glam caught up with (Malin +Goetz) founders, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, in the days leading up to the jury panel for 2012 HBA Global Expo & Conference to get the scoop on their schedules. Here, Malin shares his hectic schedule, complete with product testing, launch planning, and his daily fitness routine.

Thurs., Feb. 2:
8:00 AM: Coffee at Grumpy’s in Chelsea (soooooo good!)

9:00 AM: Running on the Chelsea pier near our apt (I go five miles from Chelsea Piers, the Gym to Battery City and back). Perfect sunny day!

10:30 AM: In the office to review Valentine’s Day visuals for our website’s homepage and our two Manhattan stores (lookin’ pretty good).

12:00 PM: Conference call with our sales team in Chicago to review our business at Barneys and Bloomingdales

2:00 PM: Meeting at Maloney & Fox PR. The principles are friends and often collaborate with us on various promotional opportunities. Currently, we are organizing the Feb/March launch of our new store in LA on Larchmont Blvd in Hancock Park. Maloney & Fox have coordinated contacts for us with Hendrix Gin to sponsor our launch party and a Smart Car (maybe with our logo) to zip around LA in style!

Fri., Feb. 3:
8:00 AM: Coffee at Grumpy’s (caught up with my dad’s plans for the Superbowl Weekend)

9:00 AM: Weight lifting at the gym

12:00 PM: Jury Panel participants for an HBA show. We were asked to judge 20-30 beauty product submissions from start-ups/entrepreneurs to decide if they were appropriate to be new showings at the upcoming HBA show. We had to offer written feedback—good and bad—to each. There were about 10 skincare companies, 5-6 fragrance, 4 mens brands, 3 color brands, 5-6 bath and body and 2 or 3 hair care. It was a lot of fun and we got to see several industry peeps, also judging, that we are friendly, and, lots of great new brands on their way!

3:00 PM: Review our HR Manual with our newly hired HR Manager, Dave. This is a brand new position that we just budgeted to add to our growing office near FIT.

5:00 PM: Head home to get the car and hightail it out of NYC for our weekend place near Hudson, NY—two hours north of Manhattan.

9:00 PM: Late dinner at the Carolina House in Kinderhook, NY. OK—the actual word—comes from “Old Kinderhook” and was Martin Van Buren’s nickname during his presidential candidacy at 8th Pres of US. He is also from Kinderhook. The Carolina House is awesome, by the way. A log cabin with an amazing hamburger!

Sat., Feb. 4/Sun., Feb. 5:
Sunny and perfect for a 10:00 AM five-mile run around the apple orchard, Samascot, with the Catskills in the distance. We had a fire going in the family room while we sipped coffee and called into the shops in Manhattan at noon to see how all was in the city. A little New York Times, lunch in nearby Chatham, and then I very ambitiously started to paint our off-white bathroom, white. Don’t ask. Dinner at Swoon in Hudson—one of our faves upstate. Duck to die for, although, Andrew Goetz was very happy with his pork. Back to NYC Sunday evening after a very lazy day….

Mon., Feb. 6:
8:00 AM: Grumpy's

9:00 AM: Run on the Chelsea pier

10:00 AM: Quick shower and tested a new lab sample of our best selling Detox Face Mask (could be a little more viscous, but, otherwise, great!)

10:30 AM: Office for a noon conference call with our London Sales Team to review our business at Liberty and Space NK and plan for a February training with staff there.

12:00 PM: Review hair care back bar program for development of a West Coast salon account of ours

7:00 PM: Dinner tonight—as guests for a private dinner with beauty professionals—at the Four Seasons Restaurant in mid-town. We have our suite jackets on!