A First Look at H&M’s COS Store


H&M’s younger, minimalistic sibling Collection of Style is coming to the United States, specifically, SoHo. A 4,500-square-foot-flagship at 129 Spring Street will open in Spring 2014, and the three-level wood and brick façade town home will, like the clothes, “the décor will marry traditional and modern influences,” Marie Honda told Women’s Wear Daily.

Expect to see structured basics and separates for men, women, and children with a line of footwear and accessories. We got our first taste of the brand during a pop-up shop at Opening Ceremony of Howard Street, but with the new location, we can get our fix all the time.

“We looked for some time,” Honda said. “When we found this location in SoHo, we fell in love. Of course there are [other] opportunities in New York.” Honda isn’t in a rush, realizing that COS is “still fairly young” with “a lot of potential.”

But don’t expect COS to go down the path of designer collaborations. Much like the SoHo location, the brand has a strong tie to the arts. “Our big sister company is very fortuitous and experienced in designer collaborations,” Honda said. “Our influence is more through the artistic world than the fashion world.”

The new location will offer something of interest for history buffs, too. Get this: 129 Spring Street, the retailer’s soon-to-be storefront, was the sight of an 18th-century murder that resulted in America’s very first murder trial to be documented by a court stenographer. The accused was defended by none other than Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, so this location is a must-see for more than one reason. Obvi.

That COS really knows how to make an entrance, wouldn’t you say?