A Glam Gossip Girl Farewell


After six seasons of scheming, rumors, enviable fashion choices, and dramatics, “Gossip Girl” is finally coming to an end. The world has watched Blair, Serena, Dan, Nate, and Chuck change from immature high school students to twenty-somethings trying to find their path in life, all while impeccably dressing and dating around. More than a few loose ends are set to be tied up this evening. Will Blair and Chuck finally find their happy ending and actually get married? Are Dan and Serena meant to be? Will Nate end up with that insipid high school girl? And yes, of course, who really is Gossip Girl?

Join Glam for our two hour Twitter party, tonight at 8 pm EST, as we live Tweet from @theglamnetwork, @NolaBeth, @bincerli, and @ValisatGlam with #GlamGG!

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