A Hollywood Moment with Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump


If you thought Lisa Vanderpump's cheeky conversation and no-nonsense attitude was all a ruse for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ratings, think again. As a restauranteur profiled onĀ Vanderpump Rules, the first housewife to compete on Dancing With the Stars, and an author with entertaining expertise to boast, she still finds time to spice up her life after dark. With her lovable lap dog Giggy in tow, Vanderpump has launched the Breakfast After Dark web series, giving fans a look at the men who make delectable delights in her Villa Rosa kitchen. GLAM sat down with Vanderpump to learn more about her late-night creep, how she and husband Ken Todd have warded off a reality TV breakup, and why her veggie frittata is a hit.