A Hollywood Moment with RaVaughn on Summer Memories, Makeup, and Margaritas


When one of music’s most successful performers appoints you the “new voice of women,” you’re charged with a major responsibility. For Carson, California, native RaVaughn, that title was coined by Compound Entertainment authority Ne-Yo, and that charge is one she approaches with ease.

“When we started making my music, he gave me that name based on the music that I was making, and my music is about me. As long as I continue to be me and talk about my life and what I’ve been through… I think it’s going to be pretty easy,” she said. “Not necessarily that that’s a small title, but just being me will definitely live up to that because I’m talking about stuff that all women go through.”

With her first two singles, “Better Be Good” and “Best Friend,” the songwriter, turned background vocalist, turned rising solo star, is carving out a more traditional R&B sound than what's charting from industry contemporaries like BeyoncéRihannaMariah Carey and more. While her work behind the scenes helped her learn “what to do and what not to do” it's also primed her to take center stage. Lucky for us, it turns out that her voice isn't the only thing that's golden.

During a chat at New York City's Spin Media offices, RaVaughn revealed the secret to her sun-kissed skin and other summer necessities. From her favorite scent to the soundtrack that keeps her going, here are RaVaughn's summertime raves!

Her summer skin secret:
“It’s a Vaseline line and it’s called Healthy Glow. They cancelled it… It’s the best thing and I was so disappointed when I found out they were canceling it that I bought it in masses. I have a lifetime supply of it. It helps with the tan… so when the sun hits it, it helps you to tan a little more. It’s like a soft lotion, and I have eczema so I can’t use all kinds of products. Hopefully, Vaseline, if you’re listening, you’ll bring it back out.”

The new hue that's dressing up her smile:
“I’ve never worn Ruby Woo and I’ve never been a really colored-lipstick [girl], but I’ve been kind of getting into that and I’m loving Ruby Woo right now.”

Her go-to summer scent:
“I love Kiehl’s Musk. That’s my favorite scent. I get a million compliments on it. And it’s [unisex], men and women can wear it.”

Easy, breezy summer style:
“I have a pair of shorts… they’re really ripped up, distressed, old jeans. And just any kind of loose, blousy T-shirt. I love Jordans. I’m always in Jordans or sandals. And my glasses. I’m getting a lot of compliments on these glasses. They’re tortoise shell, and these are my summer glasses that I just throw on. I don’t have to wear makeup—just hide behind the glasses and keep it going.”

Where she wouldn't mind jet-setting to:
“I definitely want to go to Bora Bora. I’ve never been there. I love the way it looks, I just feel like it’s going to be the most relaxing thing ever. I’ve been to Cancún but I definitely want to go back. Where else do I want to go? The Maldives.”

Her favorite summer memory:
“I took a family vacation when I was 17 to Cancún and that was the first time I went… I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We stayed in a resort [where] we had our own condo… and it was the first time that I had ever seen a pool connected to the bar.”

Summer cocktail:
“I’m a margarita girl all the way.”

Summer soundtrack:
“Of course, besides my own (laughs). I love Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl,” and then Kendrick [Lamar's “B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe”], and “Power Trip” [ by J. Cole featuring Miguel].”