A Leave In To Believe In—Find the Perfect Leave In Conditioner For You


Your hair responds best to a specific shampoo, and you get the best results from a certain conditioner. You’ve even got styling products that you reach for when you need a certain look. But there’s another category of hair product that you have yet to connect with. A hair product that can make the world of difference in terms of softness and moisture retention. I’m talking about leave in conditioners.

They can be a light liquid product, or they can be thick and creamy. The point is all the same—increased moisture, locked into your hair. If you use moisturizer on your body après-shower, then you get the concept here. But there are so many leave in conditioners on the market, how do you know which is right for you? Here are my top 15 picks broken down by type, so you too can find a leave in to believe in.

Light and Liquid – If your hair needs a product to keep the tangles at bay without weighing it down, consider one of these five popular purified water based spray leave-ins:

Creamy, Not Thick – If your hair texture tends to be a little curly or a little frizzy, you probably need a leave-in with more body to it. Something creamy that won’t weigh your hair down and leave it greasy. These products have a texture that will work for you:

Great For Coily, Curly Hair – if your hair is thick, curly, coily and prone to tangles and dryness, you know you need a great leave in product to lock in moisture before you add a styling product. Here are some of my tried and tested favorites:

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