A Little Love for the Double Cs: Decadent Chanel Parties


I love Coco Chanel parties. What a fun way to create a stylish affair that's iconic, classic, and even a little decadent!

1. Take a look at this dream bridal shower. There are such pretty touches of pink, like the pink candy in the elegant black favor boxes. Plus, the cake is a showstopper, with the classic quilted handbag, pearls, and perfume all making an appearance. So gorgeous!

2. What a perfect theme for a 40th birthday. Quilted fondant cupcakes, Chanel emblem-topped macarons, and a five-layer black and white cake are just a few of the fabulous desserts. My favorite idea is the cupcakes sitting on the crystal and wrought-iron chandelier!

3. This gorgeous Chanel 21st birthday party was held for a “fashion fanatic.” How perfect! I love the adorable purse cookies which are placed on the guests' plates. Plus, the sweets table is just loaded with Chanel-themed treats: cupcakes, cookies, and candy bars all dressed to the nines in classic black and white.

4. Soft, creamy pastels juxtaposed with black and white stripes are what make this 35th birthday so unique. I can't get enough of the cupcakes with pink puffs of frosting topped with the Coco Chanel logos and Chanel flowers. Plus the and glass candy jars filled with jordan almonds, french meringues, madelines, and even iridescent gumballs add a nice touch.

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