A Modern Love Story for Olivia Wilde


Today we took a break from the chilly temperatures that took over the Big Apple to sip coffee with Olivia Wilde and talk all things beauty. Don’t worry; we’ll get to that later.

The face of Revlon was in town not only to talk about the brand’s revamped Age-Defying range but also for the premiere of Her. The Glam gals already had a sneak preview of the film and couldn’t help gushing about it. We, as well as the other editors, had to know what drew her to the movie she calls “one of the most modern love stories I’ve ever read.”

“It was just a group of people I wanted to work with, a story I wanted to help tell,” she said. “It’s about loneliness, our relationship with technology. It’s a great story and a beautiful love story.”

She credited the creativity of director Spike Jonze and the rest of the crew for the final product, which is slated to become a big contender during awards season with its share of controversy. “Spike Jonze, who directed it, is one of the greatest visionaries out there even from he was doing skate videos, to music videos, to commercials, and now to this,” she explained. “I think you want to work with people who have an interesting vision and an interesting eye, and everyone on that film, from production designer K.K. Barrett, who just won an award for the production design and will hopefully get more; Casey Storm, who did the clothing, and Hoyte Van Hoytema, a total genius.”

Date night, anyone?