A Morning Rendezvous With The Other Woman


On Friday morning we found ourselves at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills awaiting our rendezvous with The Other Woman. No this wasn't an illicit affair, but a chance to hear from the film's cast over muffins and mimosas. The comedy centers on the bond that Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann), and Amber (Kate Upton) form once they discover that they’re all being cheated on by three-timing Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). All four stars and Taylor Kinney, who plays Kate’s honest brother Phil, gathered to share insight about the film and its vibrant characters.

The session produced several revealing and hilarious moments. Diaz complimented Upton’s performance as a loveable but flighty mistress by remarking, “You have to be really smart to play that dumb!” Upton and Coster-Waldau recalled an intense spanking scene between their characters that was left out of the final movie, and when asked how she’s able to act intoxicated on-camera so well, Mann confessed, “I observe a lot of you drunk people at the bars!” About his bad guy role, Coster-Waldau claimed that Mark is, “a real prick, and he gets what he deserves.”

But when a reporter asked the cast, “Did any of you feel empathy towards the cheater?,” the panel fell silent. The ladies exchanged glances with each other and let out a collective, ‘Hmm.’ Then Kinney jokingly admitted that he felt bad for Mark after hearing about the previously mentioned painful spanking scene. The room chuckled before moving on to the next journalist’s question, but this collective reaction suggested that the audience isn’t supposed to identify strongly with the adulterous Mark.

The cast agreed that his character was designed to be despicable so that the audience could guiltlessly enjoy watching this team of stunning women vengefully destroy his life. In a film that celebrates how much damage three scorned ladies can inflict upon one lying man, does anyone pause to think whether the cheater deserves a sliver of mercy? Judging by the unrestrained laughter that filled an early screening of the film, probably not.

The Other Woman will hit theaters on April 25th.