A New Reason to Love Lululemon: Introducing Colab!


As a fan of all #HealthyObsessions – from workouts to food trends – I'm always on the prowl for innovative exercise classes, new fitness meets fashion brands, and the craze that's going to take over juices.

Recently, I was invited to check out the latest offerings from Lululemon and learned that the company is so, so, so much more than yoga pants. As it turns out, the Vancouver based brand is forward thinking in more ways than one. Though they offer a whole host of (addictive) attire options from leggings to sports bras to tops, the home base up north is now pushing the boundaries when it comes to fitness fashion.

As an extension of the brand, Lululemon fosters a creative environment slash incubator. The initial brilliance out of the Lululemon Lab is colab, a collection of workout clothes that will take you from street to studio as opposed to the other way around.

In a shopping experience that's changed my outlook on workout clothes moving forward, I tried on three new pieces from the Future Varsity Collection, the Future Varsity Tank, the Future Varsity Tight, and the Future Varsity Pullover. The entire line comprises of seven items in two colorways, all of which are designed to be functional and stylish.

Think exposed zippers, cross functional materials, trendy designs, fashionable accents, and clothes that you'll want to wear regardless of your plans. Take it from me – I walked out of the store and immediately changed my outfit – opting to pair my camo jeans with the pullover instead of my blazer. Compliments abounded at the office. (And yes, I paired the workout pants with Rag & Bone booties. I works, promise.)

Only twenty five Lululemon stores in the United States were lucky enough to score pieces from colab. In New York, check out SoHo, Lincoln Center, Union Square or Williamsburg for your fix.