A Pandora Style Startup for Your Wardrobe


If you've narrowed down your own personal style and find yourself gravitating to certain designers, styles, and retailers, Katie Nadler's startup is here to simply your shopping.

The ex-Wall Streeter and Harvard Business School graduate just launched TopShelf, which aims to provide the Pandora style of service for your closet. The site employes OAuth to track your online purchases, learn your shopping habits and then suggest pieces you'd be interested in in the future. ““So many sites are fighting for a shopper’s time — we want to save her time. The idea was born out of the notion that you might not need to see 500 pairs of jeans to find one pair you would like to buy,” Nadler explained.

Currently, TopShelf is members only, meaning you'll need an invitation to use the service. For an intro fee of $25, you'll have the chance to chat with a stylist, and then receive five outfit suggestions each week with pieces that the TopShelf thinks you'd presumably like to add to your wardrobe. You'll be able to vote on each item presented to you, cultivating how your stylist selects your weekly picks. Additionally, the site allows you to add clothing you currently own to your online “closet” so that you can see how new purchases will work their way in to your style. It's like Cher's closet, but better!