A Quick Peek at Azul Fives Resort

It's funny that about 24 hours ago, I was complaining that the temperature of the pool water at Azul Fives resort in Mexico was “fuh-reezing.” But now that I'm back in NYC, I've regained perspective. I should have referred to the pool as “refreshing.” I now remember what “fuh-reezing” feels like… It feels like Nueva York right this very moment. Brrrrrr!

Despite the ridiculous weather, I'm happy to be home snuggling my dogs after a wonderful weekend press trip to picture-perfect Playa del Carmen. (Not that I would have objected to another few days in paradise, but I take what I can get.) I soaked up the sun, drank countless margs, explored the beach, and enjoyed every morsel of the gourmet-inclusive experience. It was, in a word: “muy bien” (okay, two words).

I know I had promised you on Friday that I would tell you everything about my glamorous mini getaway today, but, unfortunately, I don't have any professional photos to share with you yet. So, until those arrive in my email inbox, this little sneak-peek preview will have to suffice. Here are two candid camera-phone photos from my fabulous stay at Azul Fives. My full article should be up some time in the next few week. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait!