A Rewarding Night With Mercedes-Benz and American Express

Last night, I was one of the lucky few to join American Express and Mercedes-Benz at a “Progressive Night Out in NYC.” Our incredible evening started with a cocktail soiree at the sparkling, spanking new Mercedes dealership on 11th Avenue. The sprawling space feels more like a museum than a dealership. But I couldn’t resist touching these gorgeous works of art.

As we sipped champagne and admired the sleek eye-candy, we learned about the collaboration between Amex and Mercedes. The newly launched co-branded credit card offers unparalleled perks and exclusive opportunities. Consumers can get 5x the points at Mercedes’ dealerships, 3x the points on gas, and 2x the points at restaurants. (Spending money has never been so rewarding.)

After a brief tutorial, we were chauffeured downtown in the sexiest automobile ever: the Mercedes-Benz S350BTC. The backseat was spacious and deluxe, featuring individual controls for heat, air, and positioning. I played with every gadget and breathed in that fresh leather smell. I could get used to this. (Christmas is coming, and I’ve been a very good girl…)

We arrived at David Burke Kitchen where Chef treated us to an exceptional culinary experience. We feasted on escarole salad with walnut vinaigrette, roasted chicken with pancetta-fried eggs; and pork with glazed apples, slab bacon, and parsley onion rings. And for dessert: Burke’s signature cheesecake lollipop tree.

Drunk with food and booze, we were driven to our final hotspot of the evening, Dominion – where we were promised a spectacular surprise performance. And the sensational Janelle Monae did not disappoint. She sang her heart out and got the intimate crowd riled up and roaring.

From start to finish, the evening was, indeed, very rewarding – just like the MB-American Express.

Oh, and Santa, in case you're reading this… Hint, hint:

*Photos 4 and 6 Courtesy of Michael Coppola