A Sneak Peek at My Day With Ford and American Idol

Wow. I had the most amazing day ever. Ford invited me to test drive the Focus and experience its advanced new features. And after driving, learning, and playing the part of a crash test dummy while stunt drivers sped like maniacs (more on this incredible technology that will prevent minor and major collisions later!), I joined my new friends at Ford at the American Idol finale and Fox after party.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

I've got to get some sleep after this whirlwind day so I'll leave you with a few candid cameras inside the VIP tent. And I will be back soon with more details.

Me and my new blogger friends show off our party passes!

My guest and I pose with Lauren and Scotty… sorta.

The party took place on the top level of a parking garage!

Woohoo! Thank you Ford for the amazing invite!

A look inside the Coca-Cola lounge.

The super-star of the affair… The new Ford Focus! BTW, Scotty wasn't the only one to win big tonight. He and Lauren were each able to choose the teacher that inspired them the most — and they each got a set of keys to a brand new Focus!

Move over, Vanna White!

A Feast for the ravenous Idols…

Sweeter than sugary Lauren Alaina…

Isn't it ironic that the Scotty and Lauren are too young to drink?

Catching my breath and taking a seat on Fox… literally.