A Sweaty Birthday? Celebs Are Doing It and So Can You! 10 Tips to Make Your Sweaty Birthday a Piece of Cake!


Celebrities who love fitness are throwing themselves what I call the “sweaty birthday party” and guess what, YOU CAN TOO! Take some inspiration from Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham of Girls fame on HBO, who both celebrated their 26th birthdays at Soul Cycle with friends. Or just copy me! I organized a fitness spa party with my editors from MizzFIT.com and Lisa Mateo from New York’s Pix11 News. Our birthdays fall close together and I loved the idea that we could all hang while still being healthy.

Watch the video to see how a fitness spa party!

10 Tips for the Most Amazing Workout Birthday Party:

  1. Pick a group exercise class that’s popular and loved by many. If you pick a workout that’s intimidating, too challenging or not “girly” enough, you might lose attendees. Make sure to pick a location that’s easy and convenient for everyone to get to (consider parking and visible signage). This way your friends will arrive unstressed and on time!
  2. Decide upfront if you’ll be the one paying for your birthday event or if your friends will be chipping in by covering the cost of their spots in class. If you plan on paying for the party yourself, you can try negotiating with studios for a fitness party rate. Throw in some social media promotion (from you and all your twitter and instagram loving friends) and you might get a killer deal.
  3. Weigh the pro’s and con’s for an AM versus PM party. I recommend treating your workout party like it’s a girl’s night out, and making it an evening affair. This way, your friends will be more likely to consider it an official event, rather than a group workout. However, it really depends on who you’re inviting. Your friends might be more available during the day than night. If that’s the case, accommodating their busy schedules is key to avoiding a 1-woman dance party.
  4. Coordinate with the fitness instructor responsible for teaching the class to play music that you and your friends like to rock out to. Maybe even make the workout mix yourself, including tracks that bring back memories or somehow tie your friends together.
  5. Tell your party-goers how to suit up for the workout fun. When you invite your friends, make sure to suggest proper workout attire and any fitness equipment that may be required. At Exhale Spa, for my birthday party, dumbbells and mats were provided. But if you’re throwing an outdoor bootcamp party, that may not be the case. Make sure everyone is prepared.
  6. Provide H2O to all your guests. Most people forget to bring a bottle of water to a workout. The H2O will make them love you (when they’re sweating like pigs) instead of hating you for putting them through the workout! Get decorative by tying a cute ribbon around the water bottles or have stickers made for the bottles with your guests’ names printed on them. Or even just a simple, “Thanks for sweating with me!” works too.
  7. Enforce a strict gifting policy! This is important because most people will wonder if gifts are expected or not (since having a fitness party is a bit unconventional). You could say “No gifts, please, except for your attendance.” Or, what I recommend is telling your friends “if they must bring a gift, to make it a healthy one that’s fitness inspired”. This is a great way to keep the celebration on theme and build up your fitness fashion wardrobe (hint hint).
  8. Party favors and gift bags ROCK. Everyone loves taking home some swag and it’s a nice way to share the birthday love and give back. For a fitness spa party, consider making a hand scrub. It’s so easy! Just research a couple recipes online and then make it yourself! Like this one that I made by mixing brown sugar, olive oil, lemon, sea salt, and vanilla extract. I bought miniature jars from Michaels and impressed all my girlfriends with my DIY beauty skills!
  9. Every celebration calls for a drink. Serve a healthy, non-alcoholic and low-cal beverage that everyone can sip on (post-workout, of course). I like ALTAR Herbal Martinis because they’re natural, juice-blended mocktails. The Chi flavor tastes like it’s spiked but it’s really made with tea. Buy some plastic martini glasses and make a toast to friendship.
  10. Keep it casual, be real and bond. As much as you might love fitness, not everyone feels the same. A lot of people associate discomfort, pain and the notion of “impossible” with exercise. Make sure to plan a workout party that everyone can participate in and that doesn’t make any of your attendees feel uncomfortable or not advanced enough to complete. I recommend picking a workout that allows for a bit of chatter, laughter, picture-taking and lots of bonding. Ask your fitness instructor to incorporate partner drills or exercises that require teamwork. Remember, the point is to have fun in good health with the people you love.

Follow these tips and I know you’ll have a blast at your sweaty birthday party. Happy Birthday to you!

Contributing Editor, Bianca Jade, a leading lifestyle, beauty and fitness expert, is the founder and editor of top fitness, fashion and wellness website, MizzFIT.com. Known to her readers as MizzFIT, Jade brings the latest trends in fitness apparel and accessories from around the globe, highlighting active wear from both emerging designers and major luxury sportswear brands. Through her writing, Jade is continuously committed to furthering a movement of feel-good exercise and female empowerment.