ABC’s Selfie is What Happens When You Get Too Many Likes


Newsflash! Being friended isn’t the same as having friends. And if you want to capture the moment, you have to, like, live it.

Or, that’s what ABC is hoping veiwers take from their new show, Selfie, as you watch a self-absorbed social media diva learn how to live offline in this modern day My Fair Lady story.

When the show debuts this fall Karen Gillianwill play Eliza Doolittle and John Cho will play Harry Higgins charged with making Doolittle put her phone down and become an actual living and breathing human being.

Hashtag, this is what the world is coming to. Hashtag, get ready (for all the hate-watching and Think Pieces this will undoubtedly create). Hashtag, we’ll be watching. See Selfie for yourself below: