Actress Kim Cattrall Shares The One Beauty Tip She Swears By

We ran into the eternally gorgeous Kim Cattrall recently, so of course we had to ask the Sex and The City alumnus (and Olay spokesperson!) one quick question about beauty…

You've had such an amazing career, and you've been privy to the creme de la creme of makeup artists. What’s the best tip you’ve received from one of them?

“Less is more—it really is. Especially the older you get, the less you need. I think that’s the best tip I’ve had. I think when I was younger, I wanted to look like an adult instantly, and it was also the ’80s so everyone was wearing more makeup then. But as I get older, I’m just letting what’s happening naturally happen, and I'm accentuating the positives and eliminating as much as I can of the negatives. Also for me, I don’t use lip pencil. I find it really hard on most women unless you don’t have any lips at all, and even then I would smudge it. And it’s something that was told to me when I was younger, and I’ve always followed this advice in particular as far as makeup is concerned because people are always looking at the line, and not at your lips!”

Duly noted Kim, duly noted.