Acuvue Breaks into Beauty with Innovative New Lenses


Acuvue wants women to start thinking a little differently about how they line their eyes. The contact lens brand is breaking into the beauty market with the introduction of a new product called 1-Day Acuvue Define. The design of the lens enhances the limbal ring—the dark circle around the iris—which research has shown increases a person’s perceived attractiveness. A more defined limbal ring not only makes eyes look more youthful and multidimensional, it also gives the appearance of larger pupils and creates greater contrast against the rest of the eye to make the whites appear even whiter.

While new to the US, 1-Day Acuvue Define has actually dominated the beauty lens category in Asia for quite some time now. However, unlike color contacts and other novelty lenses, 1-Day Acuvue Define does not mask the natural appearance of your eye. Instead, the lens uses designs inspired by the existing patterns in your iris to bring out a more multidimensional look–much like how highlights brighten and accentuate the texture of hair. They are available in vision correcting prescriptions (unfortunately, not yet available for those with astigmatism) or as plano non-corrective lenses for those who just want the cosmetic boost. As for the immediate beauty benefits? Well let’s just say that’s pretty easy to see.